Fiddlerman Wood and Carbon Fiber Hybrid Bow for Cello
B-Stock Fiddlerman Hybrid Cello Bow
B-Stock Fiddlerman Hybrid Cello Bow
B-Stock Fiddlerman Hybrid Cello Bow


B-Stock Fiddlerman Hybrid Cello Bow

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What does B-stock mean?

A bow is considered "B-stock" if it has a cosmetic imperfection, such as a small scratch, a loose or discolored winding, or if the stick has a very slight curve that will not affect tone production. Each bow has been carefully vetted to be sold as “B-stock” and is a great value at the discounted price.

There is a limited stock of these bows, and each bow may have a different imperfection. Please review the last picture on this listing for examples of bows considered B-stock.

Fiddlerman Hybrid Cello Bow

  • Hand-finished "Hybrid" Carbon Fiber Core Cello Bow (Pernambuco Veneer-wrapped)
  • Weighs approximately 80 grams
  • Quality Siberian horse hair
  • Nicely Decorated Copper Mounted Ebony Frog
  • Great Balance and Weight Distribution
  • Nice Arch with Good Bounce and Action

The Fiddlerman bows were created to outperform any bows in the same price range, 100% satisfaction guaranteed! These are fully carbon fiber bows with a wood-look veneer that is indistiguishable from a pernambuco stick. These bows play much better than inexpensive wood cello bows!

This Hybrid Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Cello Bow is manufactured to replicate the perfect weight and curve of an expensive Pernambuco wood bow. Players looking for the resiliency, durability, and bright clean sound of a carbon fiber bow, but with the attractive look of wood now can have the best of both worlds with the Fiddlerman Hybrid Bow. This is the perfect cello bow upgrade if you have purchased a beginner or intermediate outfit.

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