Artino Practice Mute - Violin & Viola
Artino Practice Mute - Violin & Viola
Artino Practice Mute - Violin & Viola


Artino Practice Mute - Violin & Viola

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The Artino Practice Mute - by Otto Musica - for Violin & Viola

Metal practice mute with a protective rubber coating - retains the sound quality and protects the bridge. Slightly less muting than the brass mute, but less danger of damaging your instrument if the mute should fall off during use.

The mute may not sit all the way down over the bridge, and that's ok. Because bridge thicknesses vary greatly, the mute is still effective when sitting part of the way down. Just light tap it lightly to help secure the mute to the bridge.

* Metal with rubber coating construction
* Practice anywhere
* Produces a high level of muting

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Customer Reviews
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Lew S.
United States United States

The ARTINO Practice Mute - A Thing of Wonder

The ARTINO PRACTICE MUTE clearly is a technological advance over other mutes. It has the capacity to blunt the volume of the loudest fiddle, without necessarily distorting the sound so that what is emitted can still be understood as music. It has the capacity to soften the blow of a newcomer's bow stroke so that now, extremely early hours are available for playing, meaning it can heal marital rifts, restore order and joy to households, rekindle relationships with teenagers, and even soften the lines of combat drawn with neighbors during daily practice sessions . It's a truly great product worthy of all five stars. The cautionary note regarding the consequences of pressing down too hard to get this thing in a position where it can do some good might be taken as an advisory that compels some fiddlers to look elsewhere. When I deployed the mute for the first time, it guided itself into position, with great ease, and no consequences - though using a light touch makes sense instead of ramming this thing into position as though it is a clip for an AK-47. In short, once again, thank you Fiddleshop for your advice and guidance. I'm happy. My fiddle (appears) happy. My wife thanks you. Teenagers thank you. Pets thank you. A legion of neighbors express their gratefulness, too, and are each willing to buy several more to have them on hand as Christmas gifts.

Alexander S.
United States United States

Great for apartments

This mute is great if you live in an apartment. You can practice as much as you like without bugging your neighbors. It's quieter than having the TV on at normal volume.

Lew S.
United States United States

The ARTINO Practice Mute - A Thing of Wonder

This was my second Artino mute. I'm fixing to buy another one - one for each fiddle, for convenience, so I don't have to open multiple cases to get to a mute. Of all the mutes I've tried, this one is the mute that actually does the job, tamping down the sound - yet still making it possible for me to hear all the mistakes I make . . .

Larry L.
United States United States

Martini practice mute

Perfect. Use it for violin at night and it is super quiet.

United States United States

Artino practice mute

This mute almost completely silences a violin. If you are a beginner, understand that it doesn't soften the sound somewhat like a performance mute, it almost eliminates it. It is LARGE and can obstruct view of bow on strings if you need that. It is HEAVY but since it's near the body doesn't affect balance of instrument. I bought the rubber-coated version so if dropped it won't mar my violin's finish. It does exactly what it says it does- 10/10. Experience buying it from Fiddlershop- 10/10.

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