Artino Practice Mute - Violin & Viola

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The Artino Practice Mute - by Otto Musica - for Violin & Viola

Metal practice mute with a protective rubber coating - retains the sound quality and protects the bridge. Slightly less muting than the brass mute, but less danger of damaging your instrument if the mute should fall off during use.

* Metal with rubber coating construction
* Practice anywhere
* Produces a high level of muting

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Michael Killion

Agree with previous

Agree with previous reviews. It is heavier than the all-rubber Ultra practice mute. I personally find the Artino metal/rubber model a little quieter. I tested both with a sound decibel app on my phones.....both are very, very close to same loudness. To my ear, the "muted" tone sounds better and more true with using the Artino mute than the all-rubber Ultra mute. I play the viola mainly, but also play a little bit on my violin and cello. The Artino cello fits my cello perfectly. The Artino violin mute fits the violin perfectly as well as fit violas up to about 14-15"). I play a 16" viola and this Artino model doesn't quite fit my viola bridge as well. Please be aware of this. It will work, but you have to position the teeth of the Artino mute so it's on the bridge and NOT touch and rubbing against the strings.....this is a little tricky on a 16-17" viola bridge that typically have bridges that are 46-50mm wide. The all-rubber Ultra viola-specific mute fits the viola perfectly. For violin/cellos, I give the Artino metal/rubber model 5-stars. But because you have to use the violin model on a larger viola, I would give it only 3-4 stars for violas only). I wish Artino would make a medium size mute for 16-17" violas. Also, unless you have full-size, adult-size instruments, you will have to purchase the all-rubber Ultra Practice Mutes for smaller violins and smaller cellos.


This mute is

This mute is great. I have a small house with 2 kids that sleep below my office. I like to be able to practice at night. I used to use an electric fiddle but I wanted to be able to practice on the fiddle that I actually perform on. So I looked for a mute that I could use. This does the ticket. It's just a tad louder than my electric fiddle.It's a metal mute and has a rubber outside. The rubber doesn't seem to mar the bridge at all. You don't have to press it down very much to get it to mute the sound.A side effect of it being metal is that it's heavy, it does alter the way the fiddle feels, not too bad, but it's a little weird. It's also big, so that it obscures the bow and the strings. So if you want to see what your bow is doing , the mute gets in the way. Overall it does mute the fiddle very well.


I love this

I love this thing, it works better than I thought it would. I went into all the rooms of my house and played, asking if anyone could hear me, and even when I was in the bathroom I know it sounds odd but I was determined to test every room), the person standing in the middle of the next room either couldn't hear me, or almost couldn't hear me. Now I can play at 3am when everyone is asleep and my insomnia kicks in.

Jason L

I've tried all

I've tried all kinds of mutes, but this is the one that I use to woodshed at home more than any of the others. It mutes the sound and resonance, sadly, but it saves the sanity of those that are in the building with me as I repeat a phrase a million times. I also own the rubber, brass, and various other ones, but this is my "go to" mute.So glad they made it !It is a little bit bulky, as other reviewers have mentioned, but I'm sure that is part of the physics that control the sound the bridge is trying to transduce.


This is a

This is a very good mute. I originally purchased the Ultra Practice Mute but found that although quieter, the D and G strings still have a very 'bass-y' sound which can seem loud and travel through walls much easier than higher frequencies.The Artino eliminates the 'rumble' but still provides a decent tone. It doesn't fit quite as well as the Ultra, but it works!

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