Antique Violin Labeled "Gaglianus"
Antique Violin Labeled "Gaglianus"
Antique Violin Labeled "Gaglianus"
Antique Violin Labeled "Gaglianus"
Antique Violin Labeled "Gaglianus"


Antique Violin Labeled "Gaglianus"

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This violin was part of a collection of instruments we purchased many years ago. The label reads "Januarius Gaglianus" (Gennaro Gagliano), but the age and quality make it pretty obvious that it is not authentic. There are several old repairs including peg bushings, new wood grafted to the ribs, and several cracks. We have done a new setup and a few small repairs. This violin has seen some use and maybe some trauma; one has to wonder what stories it might share.

The sound is bright, full, and clear, with a quick response.

  • Ebony pegs, tailpiece, and chinrest
  • Despiau 3-tree bridge
  • Thomastik Dominant strings

Please be aware this violin is on the larger side: 

Length: 365 mm
Lower bout: 210 mm
Upper bout: 167 mm
Overall length: 620 mm

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