Safe – Our packaging is designed so that instruments and bows arrive to you safely and in playing condition. All instruments are fully set-up and tested/tuned/adjusted by us personally! 

Risk-Free – We guarantee that your product(s) arrive at your doorstep safely. Our shipments include insurance, and we will provide the return label for you. Please ensure you pack the items the way you found them: safely in the shipping container. We have no control over how you pack the return shipment, and cannot be responsible for any damages due to packing neglect.

Easy – Take the guesswork out of return shipping charges. We provide a prepaid return label for easy returns.

Trial Period – You have up to 14 days to test your product(s) after it arrives at your destination.

Trial Fees

We accept trials on instruments retailing over $1000, and bows over $200.

Quantity: 1 2
Violin / Viola $39 $59
Cello $199 -
Double Bass $399 -
Bow $20 $30

*Trials with a combined value over $5000 or more, may be subject to additional fees

Violin / Viola trials: $39
Add $20 per additional violin / viola (up to 2x per trial).

Cello trials: $199 / cello

Double bass trials: $399 / double bass

Fees cover handling, shipping, and insurance - both ways. (Shipping charges may be higher to Alaska, Hawaii and the US Territories)

Bow trials: $20
Add $10 per additional bow (up to 2x per trial).

Deferred-billing sale

The In-Home Trial shipment consists of product(s) sent to you as a deferred-billing sale. Customers will only be charged for items which they keep and/or which have not been received by Fiddlershop by the return date at the end of the trial period. This return date is calculated to allow for the 14-day trial period, plus shipping times to and from Fiddlershop. Modest extensions of the return date may be arranged by contacting us by phone or email. Fiddlershop will email invoices and all other appropriate sale documents after the purchase has been finalized.
This means that if we do not receive a product back after 6 weeks from the beginning of the trial, you will be responsible for the entirety of the invoice. 

*Credit card authorization is key to ensure payment can be met, like that of making hotel reservations or such.

**The customer is held accountable for any damages (nicks, scrapes, etc.) that may occur to our product(s) while away from our shop. We can't in good faith sell an instrument as a "new instrument" at our shop if it has visible marks of use or damage.