Fiddlershop's Lifetime Structural Warranty

Fiddlershop's Lifetime Structural Warranty

Fiddlershop Gives Customers a Lifetime Structural Warranty

Fiddlershop provides a lifetime structural warranty on all Fiddlerman, Holstein, and Ming Jiang Zhu instruments. It will state under product descriptions if the purchase includes the warranty.

Customers pay for the shipping and send their instruments into Fiddlershop when natural interior ungluings occur. It does not cover general maintenance, or user accidents such as dropping and breaking the violin, or leaving it in a hot car, resulting in serious problems.

Fiddlershop wants customers to enjoy a long journey with their musical instruments. Providing this warranty will ensure the longevity of the instrument, and give customers a sense of relief knowing their instruments are covered in the event of any internal or structural issues.

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