Lifetime Structural Warranty

The Lifetime Structural Warranty

We at Fiddlershop offer a lifetime structural warranty on many of our in-house brand instruments, as well as select instruments. The lifetime structural warranty covers any problems that may occur with the structure of the instrument itself. It also covers the structure of the fittings as well. We have yet to see or hear of any other workshop who offers anything similar!

What is covered?

Instruments from the violin family are made using hide glue. Hide glue will unglue with time on every instrument (due to heat and humidity changes). It can be something small like the inner lining, or something big like the bass bar. When these become loose, you may hear a vibrating noise in your instrument, or a loss of projection. It can even be the top or the neck shifting. Either way, we've got you covered! We will fix/repair it for free!

Please keep in mind that the instrument setup is something that needs to be maintained, much like your car needing an oil-change. Fiddlershop guarantees that the setup arrives at your doorstep in perfect condition, but this warranty does not cover maintenance.

If any of the products break due to misuse, this is not covered under our warranty. Fiddlershop will assess each instrument submitted under the structural warranty and make the decision as to whether it's covered or not, according to what defines natural occurring structural damage.The customer is responsible for shipping both ways for any repairs or adjustments needed.

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