Wittner Augsberg Center Mounted Viola Chinrest
Wittner Augsberg Center Mounted Viola Chinrest


Wittner Augsberg Center Mounted Viola Chinrest

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The Augsburg Chinrests by Wittner is made from comfortable and hypoallergenic plastic and come with interchangeable risers to adjust the tilt in a way that allows for different instrument and jaw angles.

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Peter P.
United States United States

Adjustably comfortable

Like most others, I am seeking comfort while playing. Having tried the Wittner Zuerich Chinrest for my primary violin; I decided to likewise try the Wittner Augsburg for my viola. I found the chinrest excellent. After struggling for years trying to find the right combination of chinrest & shoulder rest, I can say that this chinrest certainly allows for greater experimentation. First of all, it is certainly comfortable. Secondly, being able to adjust the height it highly valuable in itself. I have found the using a center mounted chinrest on viola is much more comfortable and provides a nice difference that the side mounted one that I use on violin. As a company, I am continuously returning to Fiddlershop for all of my needs as a player and teacher. Their service is excellent and I love watching their reviews and other various videos. I just wish that I could visit their shop in person and play some of their instruments!

Uganda Uganda

Love it

Love this chinrest. It can be adjusted to suit a lot of players which is the best part. I have a short neck so i use it on the side of my viola and not center mounted yet it works great. Doesn't ruin the instrument's varnish as its rubber footed. Will always use this

United States United States

chin rest


United States United States

Wittner Augsberg Center Mounted Violin Chinrest

I am extremely satisfied with the Fiddlershop, the Bon Musica Violin Shoulder Rest and the Wittner Augsberg Center Mounted Violin Chinrest! I previously used a Kun and an Everest shoulder rest, both of which are great, but I found them lacking support and slipping became a problem for my, particular circumstances. I hoped I might get a better fit. I am a female 5'3 1/4 inches tall, with short arms and fingers. This makes it difficult for me to come to a full bow draw when using a typical side mounted chin rest with the Kun or Everest shoulder rests. I felt I could do better. I searched the internet for possible solutions. I found videos which mentioned a center chin rest might help. The first one, purchased locally helped, but there was a ridge where my chin hit the rest, making it less comfortable than I had hoped. The shoulder rests I had available, at the time, also did not accommodate the center chin rest position and left me with even less support and greater slippage. Further internet searches brought me to videos showing me the Bon Musica Violin Shoulder Rest and the Wittner Augsberg Center Mounted Violin Chinrest. I liked the design of the chinrest and the flexibility of the shoulder rest. I decided to give them a try. I found the both the Bon Musica Violin Shoulder Rest and the Wittner Augsberg Center Mounted Violin Chinrest at the Fiddlershop! My order was filled immediately and was received within the week. The Fiddlershop was great to work with and I have confidence in their Customer Service. I have found the Wittner Augsberg Center Mounted Violin Chinrest far more comfortable than the previous chin rest. I like the comfort this chinrest provides. It was not too challenging for me to change out the chinrests, which I appreciated. This chinrest came with several size mounts with simple directions to find just the right fit for me. I used three different combinations before I found a comfortable fit for me. The Bon Musica Violin Shoulder Rest’s design has allowed me to customize the fit I needed to provide great support for my violin without the use of hands, and without slippage. I am able to extend the rest and it’s feet according to my personal needs. Once I had the basic size and coverage I wanted, I was able to bend and twist the rest to match my body shape and to hook comfortably over my shoulder. Any areas I found digging in, I was able to easily adjust the fit until I found total comfort while playing. With the Wittner Augsberg Center Mounted Violin Chinrest and the Bon Musica Violin Shoulder Rest I am better able to achieve a full bow draw – which was my main goal. The comfort I have found using these products is a happy bonus! One other purchase from the Fiddlershop has also helped me improve the quality of my music: Pirastro Goldflex Rosin. I am fairly new to the violin and still have difficulty controlling the squeek/scratchiness of the strings – particularly near the ends of the bow. This rosin contains the magic formula I needed to control this scratchiness to a large degree, while I have not changed my imperfect style of bowing. It has been a great purchase! Thank you, Fiddlershop!

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