W.E. Hill & Sons Premium Conservation Wax
W.E. Hill & Sons Premium Conservation Wax
W.E. Hill & Sons Premium Conservation Wax

W.E. Hill & Sons

W.E. Hill & Sons Premium Conservation Wax

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W.E. Hill & Sons' Conservation Wax is a newly developed product designed specifically for the maintenance and preservation of fine stringed instruments and bows. It is made in the UK using a unique combination of microcrystalline waxes and citrus oils, and it has undergone extensive testing to ensure its effectiveness.

This conservation wax helps to remove rosin build-up and gently polish the instrument without the use of harsh solvents. Additionally, it is non-abrasive and leaves no residue when applied with a soft cloth.

  • Signature blends of waxes and citrus oils
  • Specifically formulated for stringed instruments
  • Free of petrochemical solvents

Apply gently using a soft cloth. Close lid after use.

Supplied in a 50ml, resealable aluminum tin and housed in a premium display box.

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