Titanium Tail Gut for Violin
Titanium Tail Gut for Violin
Titanium Tail Gut for Violin
Titanium Tail Gut for Violin
Titanium Tail Gut for Violin


Titanium Tail Gut for Violin

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Titanium Violin Tail-gut (Tailpiece Adjuster)
High-Strength Synthetic Fiber Core


* Titanium tail-gut made from titanium and high-strength synthetic fiber core
* Significantly enhance your instrument's sound quality, response time, and overtones
* This adjustable titanium tailgut does not stretch or get affected by temperature or climate changes
* This tail-gut is stronger than steel; yet softer, thinner, and lighter than the classic nylon tail-guts

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Customer Reviews
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Frank S.
United States United States

Be sure to measure your tail gut first.

I installed the titanium tail guts on a violin and viola based on the reviews that said it improved the sound of your instrument. I also liked the fact that they are stronger than nylon and don’t stretch. It’s hard for me to judge the sound since I also changed strings when I put the tail guts on but I sense a bit more resonance in both the violin and viola. While doing the installs I realized that the viola titanium tail gut is a little bit shorter than the standard nylon tail gut I found on my viola. I found my viola nylon tail gut to be 14 cm and the titanium tail gut is 12.5 cm. I found that the average violin nylon tail gut varies from 12 cm to 11 cm. The Titanium violin tail gut is 11.3 cm.

Darrell W.

Noticeable improvement

I just changed out the nylon tail gut to titanium on my Ole' Bull and my Kreisler and "Mama Mia". The change is noticeable. While it did not affect the basic tone of the instruments it did make them speak clearer and improved bow sensitivity. My Ole' Bull is really dark and I didn't want that changed, the titanium did not alter that but made it a sweet darkness. My Kreisler is a brighter instrument and again the tone is unchanged, just better. My concerns that titanium would change the tones of my instruments and make them bright or thin have been put aside. They sound like the same instruments, no darker or brighter, but it's like they took speech lessons and now articulate better. Try it, an economical and easy improvement. AND...titanium does not stretch like nylon so tuning is more solid.

United States United States

Good product.

I was impressed with the first one I purchased and so I purchased a second one for another fiddle. I could tell the difference in the volume and tone of my instruments.

Robert H.
United States United States

Titanium Tail Gut

Great product - increased overtones, easy to install and set the proper after length. Recommend over nylon tail gut. Fiddlershop has excellent prices and customer service. Highly recommend.

Mark C.

Well worth the money

My current combination is titanium tail gut, and endpin, pernambuco harp style tailpiece, Kaplan vivo strings, and ebony pegs , on a tower strings legend. This combination more than doubled the power of the violin, making it easier to play in many ways. It also brought out my flaws which more clearly showed me what I needed to work on with my playing style. It is a bit pricey, but is also well worth the money. I will be be using titanium on everything from now on. Definitely would reccomend the titanium fittings.

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