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Thomastik Dominant Pro Violin D String

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We're delighted to introduce Thomastik Dominant Pro Violin Strings, a new and improved version of the original classic, designed for the modern professional performer.

  • Exceptionally powerful compared to classic Dominant
  • Good balance of brilliance & warmth
  • Broad range of sound colors
  • Warmer and broader than PIs with less tension
  • Supports the radiance of the instrument
  • Reacts immediately with a focused sound core
  • A sound that fills the room
  • Bell-like tonal character
  • High resistance to bow pressure
  • Suitable for soloists, orchestra and fiddle playing.
  • Very high dynamic level (can be played very quietly and very loudly)
String Options

DP03A (in Dominant Pro Set): Synthetic core, Silver wound (Tension: 9.9 lbs)
Novel silver alloy combines advantages of silver and aluminum, excellent sound colors and modulation capacity.

DP03: Synthetic core, Aluminum wound (Tension: 10.1 lbs)
Fast bow response, more brilliant and projects more than DP03A.

    How is Dominant Pro different from regular Dominant Strings

    The Dominant Pro has a familiar tone that players can immediately recognize from the regular Dominant set. However, the Pro version provides greater volume, wider dynamic range, and a finer color pallette to draw from.

    How is Dominant Pro different from regular Peter Infeld (PI100)

    Many players and luthiers have adopted Peter-Infeld as a stronger, more powerful, more direct, more nuanced alternative to classic Dominant strings (also higher tension). Dominant Pro is ideal for instruments and players seeking these same performance enhancements that might benefit from an overall lower string tension (similar to classic Dominant strings). If your instrument sounds too constrained or thin with PI strings, Dominant Pro strings may help the instrument vibrate more freely and with a fuller tone.

    Read the full Dominant Pro String comparison brochure here

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