Stringvision Cello Key Peg, 2-Pack


Stringvision Cello Key Peg, 2-Pack

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The Stringvision Cello Key Peg Set is a favorite among professional cellists all over the world. This innovative peg allow for full freedom of motion, without the annoyance of the of the cello C and G peg hitting the player's left ear.

The key peg eliminates the peg head (thumb grip), and tuning is performed with an included key, which can be carried on a key chain, or placed inside the case's accessory compartment.

Individual Key Peg can be purchased here.

Installation Instructions

All bridges, pegs, endpins and other workshop materials are supplied unfitted. These materials will require professional, further fitting to your instrument.

The Keypeg will shape much like any friction peg using an adjustable peg shaver. After setting the camber of the original peg, make sure the shaping blade is especially sharp to avoid excessive torque on the fittings. The face should protrude around 2 to 3 mm from the peg box. To avoid going too far - shape to around 5 mm - and when holding a string, the pressure will likely bring it to around 2 or 3 mm. Check often to make sure the steel inner Sleeve remains centered during the shaping process. Drill the string hole just beyond the sleeve, which is 2 cm long. Peg lubricant will keep the peg turning smooth, and preserve the fittings.

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