Aubert Mirecourt Self Adjusting Fitted Violin Bridge
Aubert Mirecourt Self Adjusting Fitted Violin Bridge
Aubert Mirecourt Self Adjusting Fitted Violin Bridge
Aubert Mirecourt Self Adjusting Fitted Violin Bridge


Aubert Mirecourt Self Adjusting Fitted Violin Bridge

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This violin bridge comes pre-cut and shaved with a standard bridge curve and slots for the strings. The bridge feet swivel to match the contours of your violin top. It is the only bridge we know of that can be installed directly on a violin without any necessary fitting.

4/4 size is available in: extra low, low, med, high, and extra high.
3/4 & 1/2 size is available in: low, medium or high.

Bridge Height (4/4 size)
Extra low: E-string 26mm, G-string 28mm
Low: E-string 28mm, G-string 30mm
Medium: E-string 30mm, G-string 32mm
High: E-string 32mm, G-string 34mm
Extra High: E-string 34mm, G-string 36mm

Bridge Height (3/4 size)
Low: E-string 25mm, G-string 27mm
Medium: E-string 27mm, G-string 29mm
High: E-string 29mm, G-string 31mm

Bridge Height (1/2 size)
Low: E-string 22mm, G-string 23mm
Medium: E-string 23mm, G-string 25mm
High: E-string 25mm, G-string 26.5mm

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Customer Reviews
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Louise G.
United States United States

Self Adjusting Aubert Mirecourt Violin Bridge VB103SA

I could not be happier with my purchase of the self adjusting bridge. My bridge broke during the Covid 19 virus. So, I was thrilled to find that the Fiddlershop was taking orders for just what I needed. It came very promptly and the person was very helpful who took my order. I would definitely recommend this store and will use it for future orders. Louise Gensemer

United States United States

Aubert Mirecourt Self Adjusting Fitted Violin Bridge VB103SA

The ordering experience was fine, no glitches. I am adjusting to the new height of this new bridge, which I decided to try. And in my experience the printed name faces the tail end of the instrument, but for this one it was reversed, so I had to be sure I was putting it on correctly. No problem, it gave me second thoughts that I was correct! I am enjoying the new sound and feel of the higher string height and slight adjustment of bow position. Seems a lovely sound change. mes

Thomas E.
United States United States

Aubert Mirecourt fitted violin bridge

Not knowing how the bridge would fit my violin, I bought all 3. High, medium and low. The arch of all 3 bridges gave me much better clarity when bowing. I settled on the low bridge since my finger strength is diminished. Exactly what I needed to continue to play. Thanks for all your support.

United States United States

Excelent bridge!

My son has a student/beginner violin that I took to a luthier for maintenance. Unfortunately since it is a lower quality violin (I didn't know what I was doing when I bought it, and he is growing so fast he will be out of it soon) they did not think it was worth putting money into. They did let me know the bridge was warped though. So the search began to find a bridge and everything that entailed. Enter Fiddlershop......This bridge was so easy, I measured the old bridge and ordered the one similar to it and when it got here, put it on. No fuss, no hassle, and it works beautifully! I LOVE Fiddlerman, they are the best Luthier and string shop I have ever worked with. I so wish I was closer so I could have them maintain my violins.

Harvey K.
United States United States

Aubert Mirecourt Self Adjusting Violin Bridge VB103SA

This is a very good Bridge. It is not as thick as some bridges are. Which to my ears produces a much better tone coming through the fiddle. Also, the bridge is make of "quite hard" wood, which stands up better (w/out gouging) under tuning & tightening the strings. I totally love it! The Fiddler Shop Has the 'best people' & excellent products!

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