Professional High-grade Acoustical "Harp" Violin Tailpiece

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This tailpiece design allows for a slightly longer string length, meant to enhance resonation and sound production in your violin! The improvement may be slight, but for a fine violinist, that can go a long way. Dense woods are often ideal for areas that are constantly in use (but do not produce as much sound). Keep in mind that the density is not the only thing to factor in, as the quality and make will be the biggest factor.

We compared this tailpiece against the ZMT tailpiece and found that there was barely a difference, maybe due to the fact that you had to buy an extended G-string in order to use it... With this tailpiece you can use your current violin string set!

Wood density list average (Grams per Cubic Centimeter)
Boxwood 0.91
Rosewood 1.05
Ebony 1.20
Pernambuco 1.25

Available woods

* Pernambuco is an expensive wood due to the rarity of it. It only grows in the state of Pernambuco in Brazil and can only be harvested from trees that are 50-100 years aged. It takes time to dry and it's been used for violin bows and fittings for a while.

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Sheryl F.
United States

Harp style violin tailpiece

I think the harp tailpiece made a pretty good difference in the sound of my Legend violin. However I was pretty ****** that you did not send the tail gut with it.


The acoustical ���harp��

The acoustical ���harp�� violin tailpiece really opened up the sound of my violin. My violin became noticeably resonant. I certainly am enjoying it. I do not have any regret spending my money on this product.I am from the Caribbean so it took about 5 weeks to reach my address probably due to the type of shipping selected). However, it was properly packaged and I do appreciate that. Thanks fiddlershop!!!


This tailpiece gave

This tailpiece gave my violin a new life. The sound is powefull and bright, the resonances and overtones are incredible. I read good and bad reviews on internet, looks like it is not for all violins but, I think every violinist should try this tailpiece.

Mark Cooper

Working on a

Working on a song in 5th position my teacher and my self noticed my fiddle was not as clear as it was in lower positions. Upon reading that the Harp style tail piece could help clear this up I decided to try one with the titanium tail strap much to my surprise and delight it cleared up the muffled sound on my fiddle in the higher positions. When my teacher tried it he to was amazed how clear my G string was now in the upper registers if your fiddle I a bit muddy this may help clear up the tone very good tail piece

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