Pre-owned Holstein Bench Cannone 1743 Violin
Pre-owned Holstein Bench Cannone 1743 Violin
Pre-owned Holstein Bench Cannone 1743 Violin
Pre-owned Holstein Bench Cannone 1743 Violin


Pre-owned Holstein Bench Cannone 1743 Violin

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This pre-owned instrument is from 2019 and is in great condition with only a few small marks in the varnish. 

The Holstein Bench Cannone 1743 Violin is inspired by the "Il Cannone" violin made in 1743 by Guarneri Del Gesu. This violin is bench made (handmade by one master luthier).

Known as "Il Cannone" (the Canon) for the powerful and sonorous quality of its tone, it was the favorite instrument of Nicolò Paganini. Crafted by the renowned Cremonese violin maker Giuseppe Guarneri (known as del Gesù), this instrument is considered one of his masterpieces. The violin has distinct features that set it apart from modern instruments, including a slightly shorter and thicker sound box, and a markedly curved neck. Its tone is distinctly bright, yet full.

Holstein Bench Cannone 1743 Violin Specifications:

  • Modern Italian style varnish 
  • Aged select Russian spruce and select maple sourced from high altitude forests (100+ year old wood, aged and dried 20+ years)
  • Highest quality hill-style ebony fittings
  • Highest quality Ebony fingerboard
  • Hand-carved professional Holstein Deluxe Bridge
  • Strings depends on what we think works best with the specific violin
  • Comes with a quality oblong case

Original "Il Cannone" Dimensions:

Length of back: 35.4 cm
Upper bout: 16.8 cm
Middle bout: 11.1 cm
Lower bout: 20.7 cm 

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