JonPaul Carrera Violin Bow
JonPaul Carrera Violin Bow


JonPaul Carrera Violin Bow

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Jonpaul Carrera Violin Bow review

The JonPaul Carrera bow will redefine your experience of playing with a carbon fiber bow.  It was modeled after an exquisite French Pajeot that was on loan. Old French feel and rich tone were required to meet the challenge and we are very pleased with the results. While the Carrera includes the classic features of our other models (one piece construction, etc.), special attention is given to each aspect of bow making to achieve yet another level of playing and sound. Improvements were made in balance, weight, and flexibility, not just to enhance the techniques of the player, but to create the warm, rich, and powerful tones of the best wooden bows.

The appearance is also enhanced with a textured, “varnished” finish. Unique and beautiful, yet the classic red-brown colors are discreet enough to blend into any collection.

The Carrera is Sterling silver mounted with options of traditional ebony frog or white water buffalo horn frog.

Firm or Flexible

The JonPaul Carrera bow comes in two stick strengths, firm and flexible. Both types are used by players of any skill level. Generally, a stronger stick is well paired with a darker sounding instrument. This strength can pull more sound from a particular instrument when needed. A more flexible stick will round out and soften a bright or more focused sounding instrument. The player’s personal taste and playing style will add another variable into which model is best suited for any instrument.

Stick Material: Carbon Fiber

Bow Length: 29.5

Bow Weight: 59-60 grams

Frog Options

  • Ebony (Standard)
  • Black Horn
  • White Horn

Warranty Info

We at Fiddlershop guarantee JonPaul Bows for life. If there is a defect, we will repair or replace the bow free of charge. It's as simple as that!

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Customer Reviews
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United States United States

Game Changer!

Quick somebody punch me! I just got my Carrera bow today and holy smokes! I’ve been playing on this thing all day! This bow is incredible, a beast of a bow it compares well to my $4000 pernambuco bow! I’ve always wondered about a better carbon fiber bow as I also have the JonPaul Vibrant which was okay, till I got my pernambuco bow. The difference between the Vibrant and the Carrera is worlds away! It feels and looks like a real wood bow and I was surprised how light it was yet still so firm and strong! I’m so excited to keep playing and bragging about this bow and hope it never lets me down! I got the Firm and you don’t have to tighten it very much which I was surprised by! I’ve got an audition on Sunday and I’ll definitely be using this bow! If you want an outstanding carbon fiber bow go for the Carrera!

Raymond P.
United States United States

This Thing Rocks!

I purchased one, no 'send me a few to try'. It was to be a second bow to a wood bow that I have that I paid about twice the Carrera's price. I wasn't expecting more than a good second bow. It's now may main bow, hands down.

United States United States

Overall satisfying bow

I am a beginner/intermediate and wanted to upgrade from my 180$ carbon fiber bow. Fiddlershop sent me a Codabow Luma, Jon Paul Carrera, Musling C5 and Arcus M5 over a couple of shipments. I really wanted to like the Luma more because it was half the price, but I chose the Carrera because overall it had a better sound, balance and easier handling. I did enjoy the lightness of the C5 and the M5 but they were a bit harder to handle for me and actually the Carrera sound still was preferable on my 2000$ chinese violin. The Carrera thumb rest was by far the most comfortable of all, which was an important factor. My violin teacher also preferred it compared to the others. Perhaps Jon Paul makes a cheaper bow that still is satisfactory. Anyone considering the Carrera should maybe include one of those. Looking forward to advancing with this bow for a long time!

Sel B.
United States United States

Love it

I absolutely love this bow. The balance is perfect, it pulls a strong sound out of my violin, is extremely nimble, and is extremely comfortable in hand. I love the subtle details, like the texture on the leather and the design on the end button.. I’ve since packed my other bows away!

Farid H.

Top flight

Hello! Pierre and Michael The customs have finally released the Carrera bow and the stuff and I have got it home.Moments ago I took the bow out put on some rosin and played and the response was instantly beautiful.I already have the Corona which I like but it seems a shade lighter and it needs to be tightened a bit more to get optimal results. With this one a minimum effort produces the right articulation.Thanks for advising me to get the firm one initially : it's strong and resilient and a big clean tone can be readily evoked.Delicate pianissimos are just as easy and there is room to explore.Sautille is loads of fun and unhindered and the possibilities are almost endless.In the days to come I hope to realize its full potential and that's certainly something to look forward.The Carrera is in a zone of its own and I certainly wont be going back to the Corona any time soon!It's quite striking to look at as well.As a matter of interest how does it compare with the Vetta and which is the best bow you have right now? I have played it a couple of days now and it continues to enthrall.I like the way it follows the contours of the strings and can be robust when needed.Legato passages are a delight. It feels right and comfortable and its hard to imagine anything better. Thanks Farid



Hi! Nice to hear that you finally received the bow! And we are so happy that you are satisfied with it, thanks for letting us know!! Unfortunately it's very hard to recommend bows, since it's such an individual preference. I would assume though that you get a somewhat improved clarity and resonance with a Vetta bow. We do have even more expensive bows, for instance the Arcus M8 and M9. But if you are this happy with your Carrera, I can't imagine you needing anything else :) Have a wonderful day!!

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