Holstein Traditional Red Mendelssohn Violin

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Carl N.
United States United States
This Violin is an Heirloom-Quality Work of Art

This should be a very short glowing review, because I have few words to express how happy I am with every aspect and nuance of this Red Mendelssohn. However, while I am the new owner and guardian of this fine instrument, I need a bit of room and space to gush like a proud parent, so I'll add a bit more. I was in the early stages of choosing another brand of violin when the team recommended one of the Holsteins. Once I heard Pierre demonstrate the Red Mendelssohn on the YouTube channel, I was sold mind, body and soul on the music this instrument is capable of making, and I ordered it less than 36 hours later. So, too, were others, I can guess. The Red Mendelssohn is popular enough right now (even in the middle of a national pandemic) where my own instrument may very well have been just placed into the inventory and then set up for shipment on the same day. The violin, the case, and the bow were all shipped carefully together much, much faster than I expected under the limits of the virus and quarantines, and the entire team did a breath-taking job of setting up this instrument for playing on Day #1. Arley did a spectacular job going over everything from the bridge, strings, pegs and tuning on the Red Mendelssohn before it was shipped, and, after a long journey through changes in temperature, elevation and humidity, the violin was still perfectly in tune and ready to play after a tiny adjustment to the A string. While the pictures are an excellent guide, you need to actually see this fine instrument up close to fully appreciate the craftsmanship, appearance and rich color it has, and the precision that went into making this Red Mendelssohn far superior to many violins out there. My previous musical journey had been made with my Great-Grandmother's pre-1910 era violin that had more miles on it than a '67 Oldsmobile, so the tonal spectrum on it was somewhat limited. Imagine then, when I began playing the Red Mendelssohn, how it felt to hear such beautiful notes projecting from it that it nearly frightened me. I'm still in the early stages of forming a working bond with this instrument, and the strings are still settling enough to slightly tune back on Day #6, and my technique still needs polishing. However, despite my own intermediate abilities with the Red Mendelssohn, when I play it, it actually sings as though it was given its own voice. While other instruments make sounds, this one sings, and since I have an affinity for deep, rich notes, I'm enjoying every minute I spend with this violin. I will easily recommend this instrument to anyone who loves the sound of music (even if they want to move over to this from a tambourine), and I would put the music that the Red Mendelssohn is capable of in the same league as bench models and signature models. I'm very happy with this instrument and everyone on the team at Fiddlershop that helped me through the webpage, the YouTube demonstrations (a big Thank You to you, too, Michael O'Gieblyn, for all that), and everyone between the offices, the shop and the warehouse that got this fine addition to my home safely here with the greatest of care, courtesy, and customer service.

Madison B.
United States United States
Amazing Quality for This Price - I Never Want to Set this Down.

I am in love with the craftsmanship, sound quality, and output on this violin. The pegs are buttery and tune with major ease, and the bridge and strings are wonderfully paired! It makes my stomach drop and my heart skip a beat to start playing again with this violin since it looks and sounds so beautiful. I have only had lower quality 200-700$ violins and this jump makes a **** of a difference. I would normally wait a few more days to post a review on something like this, but after playing it you can immediately feel the quality right out of the box. I recommend this for people who arent ready to commit to or dont want a professional violin, 100%

Curtis G.
United States United States
Extraordinary instrument with a modest price

This is an extraordinary instrument with a modest price (in comparison to other violins that is). I'm not usually one to write reviews, but this violin is an exception. Right out of the box it had an incredibly powerful and bright sound, it projects like few other violins that I have played and it has a very nice clarity in the tone. I am upgrading form a very basic instrument, and there really is no comparison. Aside from just the sound, it was a beautiful appearance and it is a pleasure to look at. It has a dark varnish that really stands out among other violins. I would recommend this instrument for any scope of player!

United States United States
Beautiful in sound and appearance

This is the second violin I have bought from Fiddlerman in the last few months.  I first purchased the Artist for my wife.  I was very impressed and decided to purchase the Holstein Traditional Red Mendelssohn for myself.  This violin has a wonderful sound and is easy to play.  The setup on both fiddles was great and only needed some fine tuning. The appearance is very eye catching and highly appeals to me and my love for antique violins.  The price I believe is very good for such a fine instrument.  Fiddlerman was very helpful through the entire process,  even delaying shipment last minute due to my travel schedule.  Thanks for offering high quality affordable options to everyone from beginner to the advanced.   I will recommend fidderman to everyone I know looking for fiddles.  

Art .
United States United States
I am so pleased! Tone, class, fit and finish all in the same place at the same time.

My Holstein Traditional Red Mendelssohn came yesterday. Usually I would wait for the honeymoon to end before writing a review but this instrument commands otherwise. The fit and finish of the instrument is stunning. It's red. A deep reddish brown which is very rich, deep and pleasing to look at. The two-piece back is well matched so that the chevrons are even and look great. The top is simply gorgeous. There was a lot of attention given to the top where the grain is not even but rather with larger growth rings to the outside of the instrument. The thing about it that is so pleasing is that the the grain is centered right down the center of the instrument so the top is symmetrical and the effect is stunning. The pegs turn well and easily. It is very dry here in Eastern Washington and the strings and the instrument are still settling a bit. The unit came with fine tuners as I ordered, but the instrument tunes so willingly from the pegs that the fine tuners might not get much used. It came with vision strings. The tone is incredible. The unit is very well balanced G to E. The instrument is very quick and responsive which presents me with effects that I cannot get with other instruments, some of which cost a lot more. This fiddle sings! The tone is both warm and bright. The tones have a solid core but, also rich in overtones so the total effect is one of a sort of fullness that I don't get quite so much with many of my other violins (I have stack of 'em.) Even my wife, who gets far more fiddle playing that she can stand some days, notices the difference and is pleased with the sound. I TRM likes my Fiddlerman Holstein Three Star bow the best. This unit stands to give me much pleasure. I bought it sight and sound unseen and thought I might regret that. Nope. Wonderful wonderful instrument. It comes alive in my hands. I hope this helps.

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