Holstein Freedom Violin Chinrest
Holstein Freedom Violin Chinrest
Holstein Freedom Violin Chinrest
Holstein Freedom Violin Chinrest
Holstein Freedom Violin Chinrest
Holstein Freedom Violin Chinrest
Holstein Freedom Violin Chinrest
Holstein Freedom Violin Chinrest
Holstein Freedom Violin Chinrest


Holstein Freedom Violin Chinrest

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The completely new Holstein Freedom Chinrest is a bold redesign of the modern chinrest.  With 20% less surface area, and 25% less weight than a standard Guarneri chinrest, it's the most exciting thing to happen to chinrests since Louis Spohr!  

Lighter is Better

The standard Ebony Guarneri chinrest weighs in at 60 grams, but the Holstein Freedom is only a mere 48 grams. That's 20% less mass attached to the instrument. Removing this weight means the violin can vibrate more freely, and will sound more resonant. Weights can vary as these are all hand-made individually. Here are the average weights;

Ebony 48 grams
Rosewood 40 grams
Boxwood 38 grams

More Violin, Less Chinrest 

The smaller size of this chinrest means that you can see more of your beautiful instrument, and less chinrest. The sleek design provides the ergonomics you need as a modern violinist, with minimal visual obstruction. 

The highest point of this chinrest is 7/8 of an inch. Over the tailpiece the height is approximately 3/4 of an inch, where the chin sits.

Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen

The Freedom chinrest is sure to catch the eye of your fellow violinist because this unique design was made exclusively for Fiddlershop.com.  Choose the wood type that compliments your tailpiece and pegs, or mix and match as desired. 

  • Currently available in Ebony, Rosewood and Boxwood

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Customer Reviews
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United States United States

Still Lovin' It!

After more than 3 months of using the Holstein Freedom chin rest on my viola, I have to say that I am still in love with it! After 11 months of chasing my viola around on my shoulder with several other chin rests, this one keeps my viola under control 99% of the time. The other one percent is when I get careless.

Wendy R.
United States United States

Slim profile chin rest

I enjoy the chin rest, however, would be really beneficial for us "LONG NECKED" clients to have different heights to be offered for this item...I have had neck surgeries which leaves me with limited range of motion, so with my HIGHEST shoulder rest, a towel on shoulder, and this chin rest, I can play-yet it feels a bit insecure/wobbly....

Cynthia Q.
United States United States

Holstein Freedom Violin Chinrest is so very comfortable

I reviewed this chinrest earlier for use with my viola. I loved it so much that I also purchased it for my violins. I love it. The violas feel much different from the violins when holding, I was not positive it would also work well with my violins. It is perfect. I can hold the violin the way I want and need to without difficulty now. It allows “freedom” to change a tad if I have to, also. Holstein Freedom chinrest lives up to its name, in every respect. As always, the customer service and shipping was excellent.

United States United States

The only chinrest I will use

I experimented with this on my first violin very early on in my playing. I’ve never switched back and have them on all my violins. They do make a noticeable improvement on a violins tone. I think they are pretty and show off the instrument too. They take some getting used to at first, but then they are the most comfortable chinrest out there.

Henry H.
United States United States

All my violin’s now have Holstein Freedom chinrests

I first ordered the Holstein Freedom chinrest because I just felt discomfort with all other chinrests I have used after 55 years of playing violin both classically and in a number of folk and bluegrass bands. So, when I saw the Holstein Freedom chinrest I first was struck by its beauty and how it melded with the lines of a violin. The reviews I read were kind of vague but I wanted to try a lighter weight chin rest to see if the theory of lighter attachments would allow my violin to open up in tone and volume even more. So, I bought one. The result: I love the simplicity , the look , and lightness of this chin rest but more importantly, it has brought a different tone to my violin’s. It is similar to removing an item that mutes the instrument’s tone. My violin’s are all 125 years old or older and have deep rich tones which I love but this chinrest seems to lift off a thin blanket of sound suppression and allow more of the violin’s complex tones to emerge. When performing on stage with our band, it is also less confining to move with while playing and yet gives good reliable support. To me this was a significant change that only cost around $20 and yet it parallels better strings, bridge and sound post placement . Best money ever spent! Henry

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