Holstein 3-Star Cello Bridge


Holstein 3-Star Cello Bridge

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Holstein Violins bridges are carved from the world's most sought-after maple, sourced from Bosnia and Herzegovina at an altitude of 1200 to 1700m.

The quality of a finished bridge can only be as good as the quality of the raw material it starts from. Since every sound the instrument produces passes through the bridge, having a perfectly fitted, high quality bridge makes a tremendous contribution to creating the voice of the instrument.

Holstein Violins offers bridges for violin, viola, and cello in four degrees of wood quality:
* Deluxe
* 3 star
* 2 star
* 1 star


Please note that all bridges are supplied unfitted and will require professional shaping and fitting to your instrument. Each bridge must be hand-cut with the correct curve and be fitted to sit flush with the top of the instrument. A carefully fitted bridge allows the strings to vibrate freely without touching the fingerboard and maintains them at the proper height for easy playing.

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Fiddlershop founders, Michael Holstein and Pierre Holstein, posing in the Fiddlershop workshop with some of their favorite violin and violas for some of the best workshops


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