Genuine Tourte Violin Mute - VM1


Genuine Tourte Violin Mute - VM1

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Genuine Tourte Violin Mute - Violin-Shaped

The single hole Tourte viola mute is a favorite among violinists worldwide. Simply slide the mute over the A or D string behind the bridge, and it stays quiet when not in use.

They come at a price so low, you can stock-up and be sure to always have an extra one on hand for that standpartner who lost their mute and is trying to make one out of a dollar bill, but also doesn't have a dollar bill, so they ask you for a dollar bill. But all you have is a $20, (which you're certainly not lending to that violinist!) so they take it to the vending machine and buy a Mountain Dew, but then the vending machine gives them back $18.50 all in quarters, and now they still don't have a mute and you have a pile of quarters you're trying to stuff in your pockets before rehearsal starts.  

The moral of the story is: just buy a couple of these mutes and you won't end up with a pile full of quarters in your pocket and a standpartner that smells like Mountain Dew.

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