Gelrest - Chinrest Solution
Gelrest - Chinrest Solution
Gelrest - Chinrest Solution
Gelrest - Chinrest Solution
Gelrest - Chinrest Solution


Gelrest Chinrest Solution

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Gelrest Chinrest Solution and Micro Review

Why use a Gelrest?
A violin chinrest is carved from hard wood, usually ebony, one of nature’s hardest. The contact between this hard chinrest surface and our vulnerable face, chin, and neck has caused generations of violinists, from beginners to professionals, to endure skin irritations, bruises, and red spots.  Often called a violin hickey, or rose patch, these bruises are more than just unsightly; they can be quite painful and typically result in a reduction in practice time, at the very least.  Worse yet,  if your chinrest is gouging into your face,  the tension that results can easily migrate to your hand and fingers, especially in the left hand, and can even cause back and shoulder pain, which can affect your bowing arm.  So, having a comfortable instrument is crucial for mastering basic techniques like playing in tune, vibrato, and even bowing.

Fits in Your Case!
A GelRest is easy to install — just peel and stick.  And, unlike a shoulder rest, a GelRest does not have to be removed each time you put the instrument back in its case. Just set it and forget it!
Available in Ebony, Boxwood, and Rosewood -color to match your chinrest.

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Customer Reviews
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I recently ordered

I recently ordered a 4/4 Guarneri Gelrest. I had hoped that while improving the comfortability of my ebony chinrest, I had hoped that it would have fit better. I had to cut a little off all the way around it to get the proper fit, resulting in a not so finished or pleasing appearance. For anyone looking to do a little upgrading to they're chinrest for comfort it works, but if you are looking for something that looks nice on as well I wouldn't recommend this product. \r\n My suggestion is to just spend a few extra dollars and get a chinrest that offers more comfort!

United States United States

Great Group

In this day and age where everything goes wrong and the burden of it always lands on the buyer, it is a great comfort to do business with a small, caring company like this. The products are fine, but as usual there were problems and they eased things better than I could have hoped by sending the new piece first and making the return easy only after I was outfitted with the proper item. Thanks guys.

Gene M.
United States United States

Great comfort!

The package arrived on time and in good condition. I was anxious to have the gelrest for my chinrest. I kept feeling as if I needed a bit more padding and sure enough, it is perfect. It adds just a small bit to the chinrest making it at a more comfortable height and it is exactly soft enough without being too soft. [Goldilocks??] I'm really glad that I bought it and recommend it highly.

Jan C.
United States United States

Gelrest ease for your chin

These help so much especially for players with shoulder rest difficulties. A lot of players use this and the micro pad. Works .

United States United States

Gelresr chinrest solution

I have been suffering from pain and **** marks below my jaw..tried the gelrest and it was so comfy.. no more pain and **** marks below my jaw.. it’s perfect

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