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Cremona Kreisler Violin Review

These violins are so good that we have a hard time believing that they are replicas and not fine old Italian violins. Recently we tested more than a dozen new violins and ran across the GCV Cremona replicas and knew right away that we needed to offer these instruments to our customers. We are very proud to be offering such wonderful sounding, beautifully crafted, and easy to play, instruments. The body of each of our Cremona model violins are made by one luthier individually.

The Kreisler model violin replica is a copy of Guarneri del Gesu’s master piece, the “Kreisler”, ca. 1730, which was used by the great violinist Fritz Kreisler as his primary concert instrument. The “Kreisler” 1730 had long been regarded as among the finest works of Guarneri's early years.

Eight years ago, GCV Violins started to emulate Cremonese stringed instruments skillfully according to the Cremonese models, acquiring recognition and achievement in the market. With the well-chosen original grained wood, the authentic crafting style of the curved appearance, the revived antiqued varnish, the traces left on the varnish, and the dulcet sound, the tonal characters of the instruments made by the classic masters reappear. The Cremonese Replicated Violin Series is built with unique characteristics, making them more playable, appreciable and valuable.

Upper Bout: 167 mm
Lower Bout: 206 mm
Body Length: 352 mm
Length with Neck: 586 mm

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I waited an extra week for this model because it was out of stock. I'm so happy that I did. This instrument is incredibly satisfying to play. It sounds way better than models available in my local shop that are twice the cost. Thank you FiddlerShop


Moving on up

Moving on up the Fiddlershop line I now own a GCV Kreisler and it is very nice indeed. The tone is rich and full, a more advanced tone. The instrument itself has beautiful flaming to the wood and is a sheer pleasure to play. It plays easily even at low bow pressure and sounds sweet through its entire range. There is a quality feel to everything about it even to the tuning pegs. I am very happy with this instrument.

Hans Geluk Netherlands)

I received the

I received the GCV Kreisler from Fiddlerman about ten days ago. Although I am Dutch, and there are some good luthiers around in my own country, I bought a violin from Fiddlerman because I liked his website and his video's very much and I appreciate his way of entrepreneuring honest and with passion). But above all I trust his ear. Fiddlerman has been a professional violinist in an orchestra for I don't know how many years, and he knows what he is talking about. Until the day I received the Kreisler I rented a violin from a luthier not far from here - a German Guarneri copy from the beginning of the 20th century. That one sounded reasonably good, had a warm, though a bit "closed" sound.What struck me most when I got the GCV Kreisler, is how beautiful it looked and how light it was. It looks antique and stylish, without looking worn or neglected. The Kreisler, also a Guarneri copy not a Stradivarius copy as Fiddlerman says in the video about the Kreisler, in another video he admits that he is very bad at remembering names:):)) is considerably lighter than my previous violin.The Kreisler is starting to open up bit by bit now, and I must say that the sound is getting more impressive by the day. I would describe the sound as full and at the same time silvery and very open although it has been played upon for only slightly more than a week now). In the lower registers the violin body vibrates impressively, but nicely and evenly. You can feel the vibrations all through your chest, which is a beautiful sensation. In the higher registers the sound is sweet and bright.Fiddlerman's service is great, the man really cares about his customers very much.I will keep you abreast about the sound developments of my Kreisler in the next weeks and months.

Mario Vega

I bought a

I bought a replica Kreisler violin a year ago and it is the envy of my peers! The sound is very consistent and it projects really well. It also looks great. The advice and service provided by Pierre was excellent, also in subsequent purchases of additional items.

Ivan Tsang

This GCV violin

This GCV violin was delivered to me about 3 weeks ago. I bought this violin because my 80 year old violin developed a crack in the basement and I have not been playing for 10 years so it was never touchedit was stored too cold and dry). I was so bummed out because that was my favorite violin. Then I ran into this video with the fiddlerman playing it and it sounded so good! When I got the GCV I was very happy with EVERYTHING, it should cost at least twice as much IMO! I was a very happy man :

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