Upgrade to a Fiddlerman 'Noir' Carbon Fiber Violin Bow


Upgrade to a Fiddlerman 'Noir' Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

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Fiddlerman 'Noir' Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

The Noir edition of the Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Bow features premium black Siberian horse hair, offering a coarser texture for enhanced grip and articulation. The Fiddlerman Noir bow is an alternative choice for musicians seeking precision and individuality.

Hand-made high-quality carbon fiber composite stick with copper-mounted ebony frog. Perfectly balanced, offering a distinct arch with excellent bounce and action.

  • Premium natural black Siberian horse hair
  • Professional quality arch for exceptional action and rebound
  • High carbon to resin ratio (3:5), with a hollow stick design delivering superior resonance and balance
  • Durable cowhide leather wrap
  • Ebony frog with abalone inlay

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