Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Weave Cello Bow

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United States United States
I love my Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Weave Cello Bow

I am reviewing the Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Weave Cello Bow. To be clear, here is the link: I usually prefer the pernambuco bows. I decided to try this bow when it was on sale. I have other carbon fiber bows and was not too thrilled. I have various brands of them. They are good bows, they just do not work for me. This Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Weave Cello Bow is different from the regular carbon fiber bows that I have. This bow seems to be very well balanced. It also seems to have a little more weight than all of my other carbon fiber bows. For some who prefer a really light bow, that is not a plus, but do not let that dissuade you from trying it. It is not a heavy bow, just not as light as the normal carbon fiber bow. Maybe it is because of the great balance and feel and match to my hand that makes it feel a tad heavier, I can feel it in my hand. I usually prefer a heavier bow than my new carbon weave bow, but this feels great. I know I have this bow in my hand. I can feel my movements, and the bow as it kisses the strings. I love holding it. My pernambuco bow is a professional level bow and this bow registers in my hand just like my expensive bow. That was a wonderful surprise. Now, “different bows work better with different cellos”. This is what I was told a year ago. It made no sense to me until I got this bow. I have an advanced student cello and a professional cello that I fell in love with and purchased. My pernambuco bow is wonderful with that cello. My Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Weave Cello bow is okay on that cello, but not as good as my pernambuco bow. I do use it on that cello though because I prefer the way the carbon fiber weave feels in my hand over the pernambuco bow. I just have to get used to using a different bow on this cello. On the other hand, my new Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Weave is simply fantastic on my made in Germany Andrew Schroetter cello. This cello sings and projects so much better with this bow. I am using the same strings as I have on her before I purchased this bow. The difference is amazing. I know I am bowing straighter. I know I am in more control of this bow on this cello. I can feel it as I bow. It gives me feedback, like my pernambuco bow gives me when I play my professional level cello. I was stunned because I did not know a bow could make this much difference. I love using this bow. I am playing my Andrew Schroetter cello more now because it is so much fun using this carbon fiber weave bow because of the feedback I feel. I am not talking about a bouncing bow. It feels like an extension of my hand. I cannot explain it. It just feels right. I not only play my Andrew Schroetter cello more, it is a lot more fun, as is the professional cello when I use this bow. I think that all of this happens because it is so well balance. My hand and bow seem to become one when I hold it. Now, for the least important point. I love the way it looks. This bow is lovely. I don’t buy bows and instruments for their aesthetics. I have passed on many violins and cellos that I loved the look of for ones that did not look as nice because the ones that did not look as nice sounded better. I got lucky with this bow. I have never seen a more lovely bow. The weave and color are so nice looking. Even if you prefer a wooden bow, do not like carbon fiber bows, I highly recommend you give this bow a chance. My other carbon bows are rarely used. They have not been used much since I received them. I liked them for a little while, then I hung them up because I could not feel them and did not like the little weight they have. I could not feel them. I am going to order one of these for my violin and viola (if they make one for viola). I never thought I would like a carbon fiber bow. I hope this was helpful and covered points you wanted to read about.

Susan Z.
United States United States
Great Bow

I have a couple of 1k plus bows but the Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Weave Cello Bow is what I prefer. I got a second bow because it was cheaper than having my first one re-haired. Then for backup a third one. Their balance is very uniform. Just amazing to find this low cost perfect bow.

United States United States
great bow!

this bow plays better than my more expensive pernambuco bow! it's fantastic right out of the box! a work of art and highly functional! beautiful hair as well! A ++

Susan Z.
United States United States
Great Bow

This bow works for me better than my really expensive bows. Its light and yet easy to get good sound with it. I'm shelterd now (zoom cello lessons) but can't wait for my teacher to try this bow.

United States United States
Great Carbon Fiber Bow

I’m new to the cello so what do I know. But my teacher says he is impressed with this bow and he is buying one for himself, so I think it must be great!

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