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Joseph S.
United States

Excellent Quality

I have to admit that I was surprised by the quality of the 5-string violin for the price. Very well built, and after a few hours of playing to break it in the sound is really warming up nicely. I've been a classical violinist for 55 years, and more recently the fiddler in a Bluegrass band. This is my first 5 string, and while the bow hand needs a little more time with it to get completely comfortable with the revised spacing, I actually find it easier for the left hand even though I have short fat fingers by violinist standards.Even though this is by far the least expensive violin I own, based on the quality, the feel when playing and the tone that improves the more I play it, I think it may become my favorite.

Steve H.

5-String Fiddle

I don’t usually write reviews, but these guys were so good and accommodating, I felt compelled to help out my fellow musicians. I’m a fiddle player. I play mostly bluegrass, old-timey, gospel, rock, etc. I’ve been looking to get into a 5-string for a while now. I was in their area, called them up, and they told me to come on over. When I got there they had an assortment of 5-strings for me to check out from different makers in one of their large sound rooms. I must say that these guys weren’t pushy or in rush to sell me something. They’re highly qualified, professional, understanding, considerate, and they went the extra mile to help me out. After hours of playing I picked out a Fiddlerman 5-string with a dark, open, loud, and haunting sound. Then, they made the extra adjustments to get it to play the way I like it. They got it right on! I got lots of bang for the buck. These guys are awesome. Great coffee too. Thanks again.

United States

Five String Manolin

I play mandolin and fiddle in several bluegrass and traditional string bands and have two fiddles, a ca. 1890 Maggini and a ca. 1910 Hopf, both copies, and was hesitant about buying a new Chinese made violin. Wanted to get a five string after watching the Michael Cleveland documentary, "Flamekeeper." What a great surprise this purchase was! I loved the distressed look of the finish and the setup is absolutely first rate. It's nice to have the viola/violin combo when adding fills to the band. Highly recommended. Quick story. Went to a Bluegrass jam and sat down next to a player with a left-handed five string he had custom made in NC. He was blown away by my fiddle and I think a little envious.

Morgan S.

Great Fiddle for the Price

I was not paid for this review. First off, I'll just say, for the price, I'm completely satisfied with this violin. I could not have gotten a 5 string so easily and of reasonable quality and sound elsewhere. I looked. I bought this instrument to play at a weekly country rock jam where I want to be able to play harmonies on that lovely low C string. It is perfect for that. I've never bought a violin that I didn't make changes to in order to suit my style. Here's what I did to this one:I needed to have the nut replaced to increase the distance between the strings to closer to a standard violin as well as lower the action on the e string. The tight string spacing is an issue with most 5 string violins/violas that I've tried, and I was prepared to make that adjustment. The cost of that work was $80 by a local luthier. I also had the bridge reshaped to make it easier to hit one string at a time. The sound is a bright compared to my relatively warm 4 sting, but when I can afford it, I'll put some Obligato strings on it and see if that makes a difference there. I expect it will. I think if I were to make the purchase again, I'd see if I could skip the shoulder rest (already had one for it) and string tube (never us 'em) and get a different case. The case is gorgeous, (I chose the red interior) and super sturdy and roomy, but it is also fairly large, and I am going toward smaller, leaner cases for ease of transport and storage. I would also see if I could get a tail piece that allows the ball ends to hook right into it instead of into the little extension arms. The current tail set up shortens the after length of the string and changes the tone. I'll change out the tail piece when my budget allows. I'd ask Fiddlerman if they could make that change up front. I think Wittner makes the direct-connect tail piece. All this said, this is a terrific fiddle, and I treasure it. And the folks at my jam are pleased as punch that I'm inhabiting that low range.



This is an honest review; I was not paid, or influenced by anyone. Firstly, I would love to admit how gorgeous this instrument is. At first, I was hesitant. Owning a five-string is a first for me—and I’m still adjusting. Hitting other strings and misplacing my fingers are so common for me—for that is because of the extra C string. I am an original Viola player, but I’ve always envied the violin. I’m a player of 9 years and owning this very beautiful instrument has given me the opportunity to have best of both worlds. The build quality is beautiful. The strings are good, but obviously you’ll replace them along the way with your likings. Mine came with two bows, which is amazing! I thought it would come with one. I love the sound quality. It’s so bright, loud, and projecting. Yet, that C string gives it that ‘dungenous’ vibe to where you’re walking down a dark corridor. I’m so grateful to have had own this particular instrument. I’ll take great care of it and forsure pass it down generations to come. Overview: Build quality: 5/5 Tone/sound: 5/5 Outfit/miscellaneous: 5/5; cane with a Core case, two bows, rosin and etc satisfactions: 5/5 I sometimes just take the instrument out and stare at the lovely varnish. I recommend this instrument for Intermediate to advance - and for one as their ‘backup’ or ‘project’ instrument. Much like how people have ‘project’ cars, this one is a project that has gone too far. It’s a masterpiece.

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