Codabow Marquise Heritage Violin Bow
Codabow Marquise Heritage Violin Bow


Codabow Marquise Heritage Violin Bow

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Dignified and traditional, the Heritage violin bow has a commanding presence that demands attention. With classic appearance and pull, it rests comfortably in the company of W.E. Hill. Its restrained, formal presentation contradicts its full, rich tone, and though cosmetically unornamented, it delights the ear with a velvety warmth and depth. Much like a fine wine, the Heritage violin bow's versatility blends with any music and remains a comfortable choice for high-level musicians.

Featuring a frog made of Xebony®, a proprietary blend of natural fibers and resin that results in stately shine and authentic grain. More resilient than natural ebony, Xebony® provides the player reassurance while helping conserve endangered resources.

The CodaBow Heritage carbon fiber violin bow bow was made without using any regulated, endangered, or monitored species. You can carry your Heritage through international Customs without worry.

Details and Features

  • Lifetime Manufactures Warranty
  • Unidirectional carbon fiber construction
  • Organic-Fiber Acoustic Core
  • Dynamic Balance: Center-Frog
  • Weight: Medium-Heavy
  • Action: Moderate-Supple
  • Stiffness: Medium-Soft

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