Bowzo Bow Guide
Bowzo Bow Guide


Bowzo Bow Guide

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BowZo is a new way to improve learning the violin and improve the bowing technique.

Designed by a violinist, for violinists, the BowZo is a neat device that simply clips onto the fingerboard and guides the bow at 90° to the strings – this means you have an instantly straight bow!

In time, this transfers into muscle memory and the student can become an expert violinist much faster.

Made from stretchy plastic, and is small enough to easily fit in most violin case

Suitable for 4/4, 3/4 1/2, 1/4 size violins

Suitable for violas 11-14 in

Attention: Despite being made from soft plastic (meant to be friendly to the instrument's varnish) customers have reported that the use of the Bowzo Bow Guide may result in scratches in the varnish.

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