#Frog Style_Tubbs
B-stock Archet SLC Atelier Pernambuco Violin Bow
#Frog Style_Tubbs
B-stock Archet SLC Atelier Pernambuco Violin Bow

Archet SLC

B-stock Archet SLC Atelier Pernambuco Violin Bow

Handcrafted in the USA

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Frog Style:

Frog Style



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This bow has been made B-stock due to a small chip in the wood near the frog. This does not change the quality or performance of the bow.

With the future of Pernambuco bows in limbo, Archet SLC bows are one of the few remaining options for high quality Pernambuco violin bows. Their stock of already imported pernambuco from Brazil has fortunately guaranteed them many more years of bow making.

In the style of old French Workshops, Archet bows are made by several master bow makers and stamped "Atelier Prier SLC." They handcraft the bows in Salt Lake City, Utah using 35 to 80-year-old Pernambuco wood. Under the guidance of founder Paul Prier, the same makers of JonPaul bows, the quality of these bows is at the highest level. The distinctive styles of Peccate and Maline are evident in every bow, where the core attributes of balance, tone, and strength are given the utmost attention.

The different styles of windings and frog designs are mostly aesthetic. Some players have a strong preference for or against the feeling of whalebone wrap on the index finger. The silver winding could possibly suggest that the balance point is lower on the stick compared to whalebone wrap, since silver is heavier, but this is virtually a microscopic difference.

  • High quality Pernambuco craftsmanship
  • Pernambuco wood aged between 35-80 years
  • Winding, Frog & Screw designs may vary
  • Size 4/4

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