Glasser Carbon Composite Acoustic-Electric 5-String Violin

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Size: 4/4
Color: Black

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David H.

This is a wonderful violin!

This is a fantastic musical instrument! First my background -- I'm married to a wonderful professional violinist who indulges my hobby as a violinist with great support. I'm principally a trumpeter and teach all the woodwinds and brass instruments along with guitar and drums but have been playing violin for the past 4 years, mainly playing fiddle tunes although I've worked my way through Suzuki book 1 and into book 2. I've been playing on a 70-80 year old German violin which had belonged to my wife's father. I do play some classical music but not in any ensemble outside of a music camp where I conduct the camp orchestra at the end of June each year. As we all know wooden instruments have quite a few restrictions regarding care, storing, where they can be played. So I started looking into the carbon-fiber violin marketplace and found that there are two tiers -- the very expensive level which I would never be able to justify, and then I discovered this Glasser, which was exactly what I was looking for. I've always been intrigued by the thought of a 5-string violin, both for the possibilities in improvising but also for those times when there isn't a violist around. Amplification is always a challenge with a violin, whether using mics or a pickup -- we have a Fishman bridge pickup for my wife's violin which works adequately but brings the need for a pre-amp. I will not be afraid to play this instrument out in the sun, I won't worry if it begins to sprinkle, I won't worry about things dripping from trees, all of which would preclude using a wooden instrument outdoors. I am overjoyed at what a great instrument this Glasser 5-string acoustic-electric violin is. The amplified sound is clean, accurate and strong with the built-in pre-amp - no need for anything other than the fiddle, a cable and an amplifier. (And if you already own a wireless instrument hookup or if you also purchase a Boss wireless guitar WL-20L you don't need to be tethered with a cable to use this instrument electrically.) Musically this violin is excellent -- I had been afraid that a carbon-fiber violin might be much lower in volume than a wooden violin, but this Glasser puts out a lot of sound when played without being plugged in, just as much as I get from my wooden instrument. Fingering is easy on the neck, the bridge is cut beautifully to fit the 5 strings and the neck is shaped perfectly to finger all 5 strings easily. Some 5-string instruments squeeze the 5 strings into a 4-string-width neck, but the Glasser is designed intelligently and allows good spacing between the 5 strings for good clear fingering. The Planetary tuning pegs are excellent and make tuning a breeze even without using the included fine tuners on the tailpiece. But those fine tuners are a welcome addition for those moments when you're playing and need to make a very minute and quick tuning adjustment. The Larsen strings are a fine match for this Glasser -- I will be trying other sets on it as the months go by, but I'm very happy with the sound of these Larsen strings. Visually this is a very stunning instrument -- I bought the green one and what I had read online about the colors of these instruments was not true. I had read that the color just barely showed through -- totally wrong. The color shows very nicely. It isn't a bright sort of "in your face" color -- but it's obvious that it's a green instrument. Subdued enough not to be the main focus of people's attention, but colorful enough to show. I'm very happy with this color. Structurally this is a very well-built instrument. The seams are all solid, it feels very good in the hands, it balances nicely, and under the chin it the weight of the pre-amp in the chin-rest isn't noticeable. And there's no extra weight out towards the scroll so it is as comfortable to hold as my wooden instrument. This instrument was all that I was hoping it would be. Now for comments on the service here at Fiddlerman -- it is superb! The people are very helpful, when I called with questions before I made the purchase they took the time to talk with me and they knew what they were talking about. Now that I have the instrument in my hands it's obvious that they were not just trying to make a quick sale, but were willing to help me feel comfortable with the items I was purchasing. They processed my order quickly and efficiently and their prices are great. I will definitely be buying more things from them in the future.

Sitaram N.
United States United States

Sitaram Nayak MD

I got a premium Glasser bow and a premium hard case and took the Glasser AX 5 string violin all the way on business class cabin from Dulles International Airport (IAD) to Paris (CDG) and then to Bangalore (BLR) on Air France without any problem. On 4th November presented it to an Indian classical violinist. He tells me today about the quality of the violin in all superlative phrases and gives a 5 star ranking. I requested him to give his opinion himself so that others can benefit while their decision making process.

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