Video Tutorial: Quiet Practice

Video Tutorial: Quiet Practice

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Sometimes, we're just not in the right space to practice. We're busy. We live with people who are trying to watch T.V. We're at work or school. We're in a public place, waiting on someone. But, when the need to practice calls, there's nothing that can stop it!

There are ways to practice violin without making a sound. Of course, this can not dominate the way in which we practice. However, it is nice for those times when belting out Tchaikovsky Concerto in D might prove disruptive to those around us.

Here's a list of techniques you can practice without a peep:

  • Vibrato. Place your left hand fingers on the violin, one-by-one, and practice the motion for vibrato. You can do this in rhythms and pay attention to the width and speed. 
  • Trills. Keep fingers close to the fingerboard. Practice the motion in and progress in speed. 
  • Bow hold exercises. 
  • Bow stroke exercises.
  • Use products like the Varigrip to develop strength in the left hand.

Of course, there are also techniques such as air bowing and mental visualization exercises to keep your musical mind sharp.

Watch Fiddlerman demonstrate below. 



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