Video Tutorial: How to Keep Bow from Bouncing

Video Tutorial: How to Keep Bow from Bouncing

One of the most frustrating techniques for new string players involves a steady and controlled bow. Our right hand produces the tone, and many variables come together to make a nice sound. As a beginner, you're learning to combine all those elements, and at times, some interesting side effects may occur, i.e. the shaky or bouncy bow.

Not to worry, our very own Fiddlerman has four tips to help eliminate the troublesome hiccups in bowing.

  1. Finger flexibility - use right hand fingers to perform down and up bows.
  2. Raise your instrument higher - about a few centimeters to an inch. 
  3. Experiment with different angles of the bow, i.e. slightly tilted inward or flat on the string.
  4. Loosen the bow hair a little bit. Tight bow tension may cause your bow to bounce.

Watch Fiddlerman demonstrate below.

How the bow feels in your hand may also contribute to control issues. Some bows are heavy; others are light. Wood and hair on each bow differs. We recommend trying and settling on the perfect bow for you. Browse through our selection of violin bowsviola bowscello bows, and double bass bows, today!


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