Product Spotlight: Titanium Fittings

Product Spotlight: Titanium Fittings

Titanium boasts the title of "one of the strongest metals in the world." Because of its strength, and its heat, salt, and water resilience, it's used for a variety of inventions and products: airplanes, hypoallergenic jewelry, etc...

With quite a bit of happiness, Fiddlershop presents our new titanium fittings. Fittings (end buttons, fine tuners, chin rest feet, tailpiece guts) come in titanium alloy. Unlike pure titanium, the alloys have more flexibility, but the same strength and corrosion resistance. Alloys are also lighter in weight, so don't worry about a heavy end button or tailpiece.

Using titanium on an acoustic device improves the sound quality of the instrument. Why? Because of its faster sound transmission and resonance effects.

End Button

An end button plugs into the body of the violin. The tailpiece gut attaches to it, playing a large role in holding the strings in place. Therefore, you want a strong, long-lasting, and high-quality end button. It links to the sound system of the violin. Vibrations reverberate through the button, tailpiece, and strings. That said, the titanium alloy material facilitates a rich, clean, clear, and powerful tone.

The endbutton is 8.3mm in diameter and Gunmetal Gray.
(End buttons are conical; 8.3 mm is the thickest point. 7.9 mm is the thinnest point.)


The titanium violin tail-gut connects to the end button. It has a synthetic fiber core. Fits all size violins. It also enhances the sound quality, response time, and overtones. More important, it lasts much longer. Other materials will stretch with climate and temperature changes. Titanium retains its shape.

Fine Tuners

Our Wittner-style titanium fine tuners provides one major benefit for string instruments -- a light weight. Think about it. A fine tuner installs into the tailpiece. The extra weight bearing down deadens the volume. With the lighter weight, sound freely vibrates and escapes the instrument without any muting. This goes without saying, then, for all of the titanium fittings.

Check out Michael O'Gieblyn's explanation in the video below, and upgrade your fittings, today!

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