Product Spotlight: Holstein Premium Rosin

Product Spotlight: Holstein Premium Rosin

Product Spotlight:  

Holstein Premium Rosin

Rosin is the key element to producing a sound from the strings with the bow.  While one may think this is a no-brainer -- just pick a rosin and go -- the different types of rosin effect the tone quality of the instrument.

Dark rosins pump out bigger, stronger sounds, so cellists may opt to use these rosins due to the thick strings. Light rosins produce a more silk or smooth tone.

We won't get into all of the requirements for buying a quality rosin here, but Fiddlershop wants to spotlight our premium rosin for violins, violas, and cello.

Check out the article "Why You Need a High Quality Rosin."

Holstein Premium Rosin equips the player with "excellent articulation and fast release."

It features...

  • A built in magnetic clasp for secure hold and hassle free lid removal. 
  • Premium Red rosin For Violin, Viola and Cello
  • Low Dust
  • Non damaging to fine varnishes
  • Designed with quality hard case and larger base for easy application

If you play multiple string instruments, you may use this for violin, viola, and cello. It's low dust content may also be a great choice for players with allergies.

Get your Holstein Premium Rosin here!

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