Product Spotlight: Earasers

Product Spotlight: Earasers

It can be a pain to think about the ways our instruments could do us harm. Poor position leads to joint injury, nerve issues, and prolonged exposure to the powerful decibels coming from our violins will cause hearing loss over time.

In order to enjoy a long career in music, we must take the proper precautions to ensure our physical health.

For today, let's focus on protecting our hearing. Earasers are the most comfortable Fiddlershop has tested. Usually, earplugs will irritate the ear. They also distort the sound of the violin, which may make it difficult to play with good intonation.

However, earasers lower the volume without sacrificing the quality and pitch. A hearing aid company actually designed the ear plugs, and the lead engineer is a musician. Therefore, they were created for the musician, knowing what will make us happy as far as sound quality goes. 

The clear color makes them harder to spot in one's ear. The plugs lower decibels 19 levels, and come in a variety of sizes for a comfy and effective fit. 

We suggest putting in ear plugs during long practice hours, performances, and rehearsals. It's ok to go without ear plugs for short amounts of time, but sustained exposure to high decibel situations is a good time to plug in the Earasers.

Earasers Features

Medical-Grade Silicone

Patented Filter to Preserve Fidelity

Reduces Damaging Frequencies by 19 dB

Re-Usable and easy cleaning

Includes plastic travel case

Tip on sizes

75% of men use Medium 
75% of women use Small
75% of young adults use Small

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