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Music in the Community: Volta Music Foundation Collaboration

Fiddlershop has always believed that everyone should experience the life-changing joy of playing music. That's why we're delighted to meet other organizations like Volta Music Foundation who are bringing music to underserved communities right here in south Florida.
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Fiddlershop has always believed that everyone should experience the life-changing joy of playing music. From the early days of Fiddlerman.com which provided instructional videos for free on YouTube, Pierre lived by example that music was fun, and anyone could learn.

The creation of Fiddlershop was the direct result of hearing from people time and again that they didn't live near a shop, or couldn't afford the instruments at the "fine violin shop" in the big city. And so began our journey just over 10 years ago to provide affordable instruments that were set up and tested by musicians.

That's why we're delighted to meet other organizations that have similar values as our shop, and who are going the extra mile to bring music to underserved communities right here in south Florida.

This spring, when Volta Music Foundation, founded by violinist Yalyen Savignon needed instruments for their "Carton Violin Graduation Day," (a Christmas morning-like experience) when students move from their cardboard instrument to an actual, working violin, they turned to Fiddlershop to supply the instruments.

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Seeing the excitement of the children opening their own Tower Strings Entertainer Violin and begin to pluck the strings brings all of us at Fiddlershop a great deal of joy as well.

Volta Music Foundation’s mission is to provide students in underserved communities the opportunity to advance their musical careers through a variety of educational programs.

Their programs benefit students in the US and Latin America by providing:

  • After-school music education programs and lessons
  • Performance opportunities at festivals and competitions
  • Musical instrument donations and maintenance workshops
  • Cultural exchange and study abroad opportunities
  • Access to a network of global music professionals 


Throughout the month of May, Volta also brought their engaging outreach concert program which introduces the members of the string family to young audiences, many of whom had never seen a violin or cello before. 

The quartet, comprised of local professionals and narrator performs a wide variety of selections from Vivaldi's Four Seasons, to the theme from Super Mario Brothers, first chaotically, then demonstrate the unifying power of working together, and finding "the beat" along with other musical concepts such as texture and tempo.

After the performance, the quartet facilitates an "instrument petting zoo" where the children get a hands-on experience with playing a string instrument.

"In south Florida, there's no 'full-time' orchestra that would normally be putting on these performances in schools" explains, Michael O'Gieblyn, violinist with the Miami City Ballet Orchestra. "Additionally, the majority of the school systems have cut funding for the arts, so experiences like these simply aren't happening if not for the work of Volta to bring music and musicians to schools."

Volta also partnered with two local children's hospitals to perform for the familes at Nicklaus Children's Hospital in Miami, and Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital (pictured above).

"We're grateful to have made a positive impact in their lives and were thrilled to see the smiles on their faces," shares Yalyen.

To learn more about Volta Music Foundation, visit their website at www.VoltaMusicFoundation.org

Fiddlershop is proud to partner with organizations enriching the lives of young people by offering bulk pricing discounts on a instrument sales and rentals for educators and non-profits.

Take the first step in getting discounted prices for your program by Registering as an Educator Here.  Or to access our education pricing information and services, please contact us at education@fiddlershop.com, or phone (954)530-5999.

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