Instrument Spotlight: Fiddlerman Concert Double Bass

Instrument Spotlight: Fiddlerman Concert Double Bass

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Due to the sheer size, the upright or double bass requires a meticulous construction with attention to detail, quality materials, and lots of love to produce a big, rich sound. Of course, all instruments require the same, but the bass is a heftier version of all the above.

Many people think Pierre Holstein, aka Fiddlerman, only tests out the violins and violas. However, Fiddlerman tests, curates, and works directly with the maker to produce the best basses as well!

Fiddlershop also sets up the double basses, and our Concert Double Bass is no exception. It has a gorgeous deep sound, and is a top quality bass in its price bracket.

Fiddlerman Concert Double Bass Features

  • German Pattern Bass
  • Solid Hand-carved, Beautifully Figured Spruce and Maple Tone Woods
  • Wood aged for 50+ years
  • Wood Dried for 10+ years
  • Russian Spruce Top and Asian Maple Back and Sides
  • 100% High Quality Ebony Fingerboard & Tailpiece
  • Hand-carved German Pattern Bridge
  • Hand-rubbed, Deep Brown Oil/Spirit-based Finish
  • D'addario Helicore Bass String Set
  • Precisely measured string height for easy and comfortable playability
  • The Bass will arrive ready to play out of the box!
  • 3/4 Size


Our Concert Bass comes with one of our Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Bows.  Check out our full selection of bass bows!

  • Strong, responsive, high-grade Carbon Fiber (far superior to Brazilwood)
  • Durable Siberian Horse Hair for a smooth and full tone
  • Nickel-mounted true Ebony Frog

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