Instrument Spotlight: Fiddlerman Artist Violin


Featured as the #1 pick on Consordini's "Best Violin Brands" article!

We couldn't have chosen a better example for our "instrument spotlight" than the Fiddlerman Artist Violin.

The first time we opened the case, we were blown away with its well-built body. When we played it, the great sound floored us. This violin really looks like a bench-made instrument.

Fiddlerman himself carefully selected The Fiddlerman Artist Violin as his favorite violin in this price range.

With a beautiful varnish and blended neck, this violin is created, using select spruce and maple that has excellent quality wood figuring for this level instrument. We now have a new and higher quality model with an upgraded case.


  • Hand-applied spirit varnish
  • Antiqued wood - dried a minimum of 7 years
  • Quality ebony fittings and  fingerboard
  • Wittner-style fine tuner for the e-string
  • Setup with Fiddlerman strings
  • Available in 4/4 - 1/4 size

You also receive...

Note: Every Fiddlerman instrument undergoes our famous 10-point inspection!


Please contact Fiddlershop via our chat system, or 
(954) 530-5999 if you have any questions. We're always happy to assist! :)
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Hi Virginia!
Thanks for sharing – this makes our week! Sooo happy to hear! It makes all our work worthwhile :) And thank you for being our valued customer.


I’ve had my artist since July 2016 and fall more in love with it each day! I keep looking into upgrading but love it so much that I’m just not ready to say goodbye.

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