Humidity Control And Your New Instrument

Humidity Control And Your New Instrument

We're thrilled to take our customer experience one step further and announce an exciting new partnership with Boveda, the global leader in 2-Way Humidity Control - aimed at further enhancing our instrument delivery experience.
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At Fiddlershop, we spare no effort in ensuring every customer's success. Our skilled luthiers sets up and adjusts each instrument, ensuring effortless playability and optimal sound quality. Next, our dedicated fulfillment team meticulously packages your instrument to ensure its safety during transit.

Today, we're thrilled to take this one step further by announcing an exciting new partnership with Boveda, the global leader in 2-Way Humidity Control - aimed at further enhancing our instrument delivery experience. Starting today, every wood instrument* that leaves our workshop will come equipped with a Boveda Humidity Control System, safeguarding it from humidity extremes throughout its journey to you and onwards.

At Fiddlershop, we're constantly striving to take our exceptional customer experience to the next level, and this collaboration with Boveda is a testament to that commitment. We're thrilled to announce this partnership, which underscores our dedication to providing not only top-notch instruments, but also ensuring their safe delivery and longevity. Together with Boveda, we're excited to offer our customers peace of mind knowing that their instrument will arrive in pristine condition, ready to be enjoyed to the fullest.

This collaboration not only focuses on enhancing shipping protection but also aims to educate our customers about the importance of humidity control. Wooden instruments are highly sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and humidity, with the ideal humidity range falling between 40-60%. Without proper humidity control, instruments underperform and become susceptible to warping and cracking. Boveda's system requires zero maintenance or activation, ensuring that your instrument is always ready for use with minimal hassle.

Using the Boveda Humidity Control System

  1. The Boveda bag can be found in the fabric holder placed in your case along with your instrument. If the Boveda bag is still in its original plastic wrap, remove before using. Do not open the brown bag itself.
  2. When the case is closed - the Boveda System is working automatically.
  3. We recommend replacing the Boveda bag in your instrument case after approximately 3 months.


Frequently Asked Questions about Boveda

Why use Boveda to protect your instrument?

Without proper humidity control, wood instruments will not perform at their maximum ability, and even worse, can be damaged. To maintain their shape, wooden instruments need to be stored at a stable 40-60% RH (relative humidity). Wide fluctuations in humidity will cause the wood to expand or shrink, which puts stress on the instrument and degrades its performance abilities. Boveda helps prevent warping or cracking, and eliminates downtime for service. Because Boveda requires zero maintenance, your instrument will always be protected.

How often should the Boveda bag be replaced?

Depending on your instrument case and its surrounding environment, you can expect Boveda to last from 2 to 6 months. While using Boveda, remember to keep your instrument case closed whether your instrument is in there or not to maintain a stable environment. In its original packaging, Boveda has a two-year shelf life. To avoid the risk of a lapse in your 2-way humidity control, we recommend replacing any Boveda actively in use every 3 months.

Should I use a fabric holder with Boveda in an instrument case?

Yes, always insert Boveda into a pouch of a Boveda Fabric Holder before placing it in an instrument case. The fabric holder extends the life of Boveda and acts as a liquid barrier if a bag is accidentally punctured. Remember, take care to not crush the holder when you close your instrument case.

I live in a really humid place, so do I need Boveda in my instrument case?

Yes! The Bovida System works two ways. It will add humidity in dry conditions, and removes humidity in humid conditions. If you live in an extremely humid climate, Boveda makes a high-absorbency pack to protect wood instruments in extreme conditions, preventing warping and mildew build-up, and curbing humidity fluctuations when you’re in a dry environment, like an airplane or air-conditioned venue.

*Currently, all wood instruments with a retail price over $350 will be equipped with a Boveda Humidity Control System during transit from workshop to customer.

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