Giving Back and Giving Thanks to Blume Haiti

Giving Back and Giving Thanks to Blume Haiti

Thankful for Programs Like Blume Haiti

By Jasmine Reese - With Thanksgiving behind us, Fiddlershop continues to express thanks for programs and individuals spreading the joy of music to underserved children and adults around the world. That's why, for the last two years, Fiddlershop has sent violin bows and other musical accessories to Blume Haiti via musician David Einhorn.

Einhorn began taking instruments to Haiti in 2011; he worked for an earthquake relief agency. On the weekends, he'd also volunteer at a church with a youth orchestra program as a bass and cello teacher.

As it turned out, the youth orchestra program had some connections to the renowned Blume Haiti - an organization devoted to developing leadership skills, awakening individual potential, and creating opportunities for civic collaboration and economic development through the pursuit of musical excellence in Haiti.

Founder Janet Anthony began the non-profit five years ago after spending a previous 20 years teaching and volunteering in the country.

"I didn't really know what to expect. But going there, I was just so touched and taken by the enthusiasm and the commitment and the desire to learn by the students and the teachers," Anthony, the George and Marjorie Olsen Chandler Professor of Music at the Conservatory of Music, told a USA Today Network reporter. "I'm a teacher and you have a kid who is hungry for information. Who's not going to love that?"

Blume Haiti uses its resources to bring in teachers and instruments to surrounding schools and community programs which makes the experience "better," according to Einhorn. That's why he's been proud to take Fiddlershop instruments and accessories to Blume Haiti; it works for the whole country, not just a specific location.

This upcoming Summer, Einhorn will take some Fiddlershop violins to the organization. Einhorn loves seeing the joy of the students, receiving higher quality instruments, rosin, chin rests, strings, bows and other items "that are in urgent need."

"We have a picture of one very talented young lady violinist this past summer at our orchestral program in Cange, Haiti who was playing with a bow that arched the wrong way," Einhorn said. "How she had gotten so good playing like that is difficult to imagine. She was incredibly grateful to Fiddlershop when I was able gave her a new bow, the first one she’d ever had. Who knows how good she’ll become now!"

In 2017, Blume Haiti worked with Utah Symphony musicians as part of the National Orchestra Institute. They put on an amazing performance of Beethoven and other classical works.

At Fiddlershop, we hope to continue the spirit of giving and encourage people around the world to support local and International musical non-profit organzations giving music to their communities.

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