Pre-owned Glasser Carbon Composite Violin
Pre-owned Glasser Carbon Composite Violin
Pre-owned Glasser Carbon Composite Violin


Pre-owned Glasser Carbon Composite Violin

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This Glasser Carbon Composite Violin came back to us as a trade-in. The instrument seems lightly used, and it is still in great shape.

Carbon Composite Body For Unmatched Durability

This Glasser carbon fiber violin features a revolutionary Carbon Composite body that is long-lasting, durable, lightweight, and has a tonal quality that is rich and clear. The carbon fiber violin offers a high-performance, modern alternative to traditional wood instruments.

The carbon fiber violin is an almost indestructible violin that is great for travel, outdoor performances, and all those places where your instrument might get wet, overheated, knocked, bumped, or scratched like lively sessions, bar gigs, dances, orchestra pits, and outdoor shows. The Glasser carbon fiber violin is also very low maintenance, easy to play, and of great value.

Recently updated, the violins now feature a carbon composite bridge and soundpost made by Glasser in NY, USA.


  • Size: 4/4
  • Body: Carbon Composite
  • Bridge: Despiau 3-tree
  • Soundpost: Carbon Composite
  • Color: Red/Black
  • Strings: Thomastik Alphayue 
  • Pegs: Planetary Geared Pegs
  • Fine Tuners: 4

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