Helisson Cyrillo 3-star Pernambuco Professional Cello Bow

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Helisson Cyrillo's 3-star Pernambuco Professional Cello Bows are handmade by Helisson himself, from the highest quality Pernambuco straight from the source in Brazil! This is the highest level cello bow that Helisson makes and it's crafted from a more refined selection of wood which produces more vibration, resonance and clarity.

These bows produce a wonderfully clean and clear sound with very little bow noise, they respond quickly and lively to even the most advanced off the string strokes.

Helisson’s bows are normally rated from 0-3 stars based on quality of wood and craftsmanship. The cello bows are offered in 1 and 3-star quality.

  • Finest pernambuco octagonal stick
  • Fully mounted ebony frog
  • Sterling silver set
  • Enlarged Parisian eye
  • Silver wrapping
  • Handmade in Brazil by Helisson
  • Genuine, high quality horsehair

About H. Cyrillo
Master bow maker Helisson designs and makes fine professional bows in his workshop located in Espírito Santo, Brazil. Living and working there allows him to select the best available Pernambuco Wood for his bows since Brazil is the only source of Pernambuco wood. Over 13 years of experience making bows. Worked 10 years for Water Violet Bows.

His work is inspired by famous bow-makers such as Sartory, Peccatte, Lamy, and many Belgium bow-making schools.

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