B-stock Holstein Workshop Kreisler Violin (FS211)
B-stock Holstein Workshop Kreisler Violin (FS211)
B-stock Holstein Workshop Kreisler Violin (FS211)
B-stock Holstein Workshop Kreisler Violin (FS211)
B-stock Holstein Workshop Kreisler Violin (FS211)


B-stock Holstein Workshop Kreisler Violin (FS211)

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This Holstein Workshop Kreisler Violin is sold as B-stock due to some imperfections in the varnish which blend in nicely with the antiquing. 

Holstein Workshop violins are handcrafted by one experienced luthier in our select VSA award-winning workshop. The quality of workmanship goes far beyond anything else we’ve seen in this price range. The tops are made of fine quality Italian spruce, and the back and ribs from Bosnian maple (100+ year old wood, aged and dried a minimum of 10 years). Our Holstein Workshop violins are made in various replicas and copies of violins made by the old masters, such as Stradivari, Guarneri del Gesù, Amati, and Maggini. The quality and dimensions of the wood, as well as the varnish, are copied from the originals to achieve the same tonal qualities.

The Holstein 'Kreisler' is a replica of Guarneri del Gesù’s masterpiece made in 1730. The original violin was played by the great violinist Fritz Kreisler as his primary concert instrument. The “Kreisler” 1730 had long been regarded as among the finest works of Guarneri's early years.


Holstein Workshop violins are setup with premium quality fittings and strings to bring the most out of the instrument. The Despiau “Two Tree” bridge is hand-carved and fitted to perfection by our luthiers during the setup process.


Fingerboard: Fine Ebony
Fittings: Rosewood, including a Stradpet Titanium fine tuner
Bridge: Hand-carved professional level Despiau 2-tree
Strings: Pirastro Evah Pirazzi

Certificate of Authenticity

This Holstein violin is sold with a certificate of authenticity; handwritten, stamped and signed by our in-house luthier.

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