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#model_T9 with Black & Gold Winding


Arcus T-Series Violin Bow

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The T-models are the most universal bows made by Arcus. They cover a huge spectrum of sound colors and playing styles. Violinists can expect great warmth and brilliance at the same time, which make them suitable for a majority of instruments. And while they significantly improve the sound of many under-performing instruments, their ideal range of overtones allow players to determine the perfect setup and best strings for their instrument more easily than with any other bow.

The weight of each bow is around 51 grams and sticks are only available in the round shape, (as opposed the the P, S, and M series which are also available in octagonal). Their balance is normal, but the mass is distributed towards both ends, giving the bow much more stability than you would expect in such a lightweight bow

In contrast with the solid sticks of wooden bows, the hollow, round shapes of Arcus sticks give them very attractive characteristics.  The round sticks have a very simple cross section, which gives them an even and steady feel. 

Bow length: 29.5 inches
Weight: 51-53 grams


Arcus T4 violin bow

The T4 is the ideal starting point into the world of Arcus bows. Its innovative stainless-steel outfit is made to shine for centuries, as is its beautiful sound. It offers the same perfect playing properties as its more expensive siblings

Assembly: Stainless steel

Frog: Snakewood

Weight: 50gr.

Arcus T5 violin bow

The look and feel of the T5 is one of great elegance. Its workmanship and sound is on the level of wooden bows that may cost several times as much. Still, it provides the superior comfort, durability, power and speed that only an Arcus bow can offer.

assembly: Silver 935

coil: Silver

Frog: Beautiful Snakewood

weight: 51 gr.


Arcus T6 violin bow

The T6 is at the very heart of all Arcus bows. It shows what high technology combined with dedicated workmanship can achieve today. Perfect playing properties and a big and beautiful sound make these bows a perfect companion for every orchestra player and any repertoire.

assembly: silver 935

Frog: Beautiful Snakewood

weight: 53 gr.


Arcus T7 violin bow

Think of the best features of every bow you have ever played. Combine these and then add anything you might ever have wished for: This is the recipe for the T7. You will find yourself uniquely empowered in every concert situation and while practicing the most difficult pieces.

assembly: silver 935

Frog: Beautiful Snakewood

weight: 51 gr.


Arcus T8 violin bow

The T8 silver is on its way to become a true classic. It combines the revolutionary playability of the high end Arcus bows with an incredible sound and a noble sterling silver outfit.

assembly: Silver 935
frog: premium snakewood
weight: 51 gr.


Arcus T9 violin bow

The T9 delivers a truly amazing sound spectrum like from a different world. It plays absolutely effortless and is thus the ideal bow for soloists with a delicate old instrument, from which it can pull an incredibly powerful sound.

assembly: gold 585
frog: Selected snakewood
weight: 51 gr.

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