Glasser Carbon Composite Acoustic-Electric Violin

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Size: 4/4
Color: Red

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Jeanne G.
United States United States

Enjoyable Fiddle

I have really been enjoying my new Glasser fiddle. I learned to play guitar as a kid and have been playing the banjo for the last ~30 years. But, I have always wanted to play the fiddle, so now that I am retired I have the time to devote to it. I am finding it challenging but rewarding, as I seem to be getting the hang of it, at least with the basic theory. I am finding controlling the bow is coming to me almost naturally. Left hand is proving a bit more challenging than I imagined mostly because of the different, rotated 90°, angle of the neck. But I am figuring it out. Lots of very helpful info on YouTube. One concern I have is that the geared tuners seem to slip a bit… more on the lower strings. E string is very secure, the G string, when tightened, sometimes pulls back and I can watch the peg rotate. I have worked around this a bit by tuning slightly sharp, then using the fine tuner on the bridge to flatten it to the correct tone (counterintuitive, usually tune from low to high so string is tensioned) but I also use the fine-tuner trick to tune up into the G. The D and A strings are less affected like this. Also, now that I have had it for a month, the ‘pull back’ effect seems to be lessening a bit. (maybe string is getting ‘broken in’?) There does not seem to be any obvious way to tighten the actual tuning peg. The G tuner seems like it could have a bit ‘tighter’ action, so it doesn’t slip back when the string is tightened ( the string ‘pulls back’). Once I get it properly tuned, though, it does seem to hold the correct note for my practice duration. I have generally been playing about an hour a day, .5 in the morning and .5 in the evening. The fiddle itself is really quite cool. I got it in black with the white case and people ooo and ahh over it just looking at it. It seems to be quite forgiving and sounds decent despite my novice leve6 effortsl. I will consider writing a review when I get a little more practice and have something constructive to say. I do appreciate the fact that I have been able to play it outside on some of our hot, humid summer days that might have been beyond the comfort parameters of a traditional wooden instrument. ANYway, the main thing is, I have really been enjoying myself with it and I can see progress already after about a month of playing. Thank you for following up, Fiddlershop was great to deal with and I will certainly consider shopping with you for any future purchases, best, Jeanne

Sharad W.
United States United States

Fiddlershop and Glasser Carbon Composite A-E Violin

Firstly a great experience working with Fiddlershop - my 1st time....very pleasant and efficient team. They even got me custom Gold hardware on this violin from Factory within a week. Also they were very fair in pricing.....great place to make future purchase! The Violin looks STUNNING! Luckily Fiddlershop had Col# Orange in stock and it is very well made. I am a sound engineer and an artist so will be able to tweak the sound to sound warmer like wood but overall an amazing product!

United States United States

Excellent Beginner Violin!!!

I bought this for my first violin mostly because I wanted carbon fiber and this was the cheapest one I found. I didn't really care if it had electric capabilities or not, but I figured at this price point I at least shouldn't be fighting with something low quality while trying to learn as a complete beginner. No disappointment here! After hearing an experienced player use my violin, I know that any bad sounds coming out of it are my fault. It stays in tune very well and sounds great!

Rodney L.
United States United States

Glasser Composite

Did not work for me when plugged into wireless system had a high pitched buzz tried two of them x vibe wireless



We are so sorry that you had this issue. We had never heard of this before, but we don't sell the Xvive wireless system. We've checked these violins with the Fiddlerman wireless system and they work fine together.

Eugene S.
United States United States

Glasser Carbon Composite Acoustic-Electric Violin

I love the violin. It is everything you guys said it would be. I kind of figured everything you guys play would sound good but your description was accurate and the violin is great. Kind of regret not buying a five string version though. Highly recommend this violin and Fiddlerman.

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