Browse our wide selection of top quality violins for sale, and find the ideal instrument for any musician - from budding enthusiast to seasoned performer. Violins from our shop are tuned, tested, and adjusted before shipping to ensure optimum out-of-the-box performance. Finding the best violin for your intended purpose is easier than ever thanks to our massive range of instruments available for immediate setup and shipping. We offer basic violins for sale that are perfect for those new to the instrument, as well as fine handcrafted professional violins capable of incredibly intricate tones. Shop our wide selection of excellent quality violins for sale to find the one ideal for your level at the Fiddlershop family. Browse today and find an incredible instrument at an affordable price - only from Fiddlershop.

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Holstein Traditional Panette Violin Outfit

Video we made for a customer: Holstein Traditional Panette Guarneri Violin Outfit* Real hand app..


Holstein Workshop Lord Wilton

This is an exceptional replica of the original Guarneri Lord Wilton.  It was named after Seymou..


Holstein Bench Panette 1737 Violin -13%

Holstein Bench Panette 1737 Violin

This Holstein violin is inspired by the original Panette made by Guarneri Del Gesu in 1737.The origi..

$4,500.00 $3,900.00

Ming Jiang Zhu 903 Violin

Ming Jiang Zhu 903 Violin Review The Ming Jiang Zhu 903 violins are made at the Noble Hea..


Holstein Bench Cannone 1743 Violin -13%

Holstein Bench Cannone 1743 Violin

This Holstein violin is inspired by the "Il Cannone" violin made in 1743 by Guarneri Del Gesu.The Pa..

$4,500.00 $3,900.00

NS Design NXT4 Electric Violin w/ Case

We love these electric violins, but we're making room for other instruments. You can pick one of the..


Holstein Workshop Cannone Violin

Modeled after the 1743 Cannon II Guarneri* Aged European Spruce top and select Maple back, sides, an..


Mark Wood Acoustic / Electric Violin Outfit Deluxe

Mark Wood Violin Review Mark Wood's New Acoustic/Electric Violin with Outfit: We've taken..


GCV Cremona Violin - Bourrée Strad

GCV Bourrée Strad Violin Review GCV Bourrée played with our Quality Pernambuco Bow T..


Tower Strings Rockstar Violin Outfit

THE FIDDLERSHOP FAMILYWhy is Fiddlershop growing so fast and blowing away its competitors?Fiddlerm..


Holstein Traditional Cannone

* Real hand applied oil varnish * Antiqued wood - dried a minimum of 10 years* Real quality ebony ..


Holstein German Style Strad Violin

Holstein "German-style" Strad Replica Violin* German Technique Oil/Spirit Varnish* Wood aged 100+ ye..


GCV Cremona Violin - Goldman Model

These violins are so good that we have a hard time believing that they are replicas and not fine ..


GCV Cremona Violin - Cannon Model

GCV Cannon Violin Review These violins are so good that we have a hard time believing that they ..


Snow SV400 Violin

Made with beautifully figured select tone woods. Italian spruce top and an enhanced flamed maple bac..