Violin Tailpieces

Violin Tailpieces

Discover our wide violin tailpiece selection and tailpiece accessories for sale today at your preferred destination for stringed instruments and accessories - Fiddlershop. Whether you require a standard Hill style violin tailpiece with built in fine tuners, a professional high-grade acoustical “Harp” violin tailpiece, a carbon composite unit for a contemporary look, or even a French model tailpiece in either ebony or rosewood, you’ll find these and more at Fiddlershop. Our sleek and sophisticated violin tailpieces are available in several lengths to allow for customization of tone and sound projection in your violin - certainly noticeable to the trained ear of an experienced violinist. And, our unbelievably low prices and wide assortment of violin tailpieces for sale will help you outfit your prized instrument with ease. For more information about these precision-engineered tailpieces, contact our dedicated support staff directly!

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Hill Style Tailpiece with Built in Fine Tuners -34%

Hill Style Tailpiece with Built in Fine Tuners

Highest quality Indian woods. We had these made at a 108mm length (shorter than the average tailp..

$29.00 $19.00

Titanium Tail Gut for Violin

Titanium Violin Tail-gut (Tailpiece Adjuster) High-Strength Synthetic Fiber Core FITS ALL SIZ..


Professional High-grade Acoustical "Harp" Violin Tailpiece

This tailpiece design allows for a slightly longer string length, meant to enhance resonation and..


Violin Tailpiece Adjuster - Sacconi

Sacconi Tailpiece Adjuster for Violin. Guaranteed not to break or strip. For Violin Sizes: 4/4 3/..


Hill Model Tailpiece -12%

Hill Model Tailpiece

Hill Model Tailpiece for full sized violins - Comes plain, just like the picture shows ..

$13.00 $11.50

Tulip Shaped Tailpiece -24%

Tulip Shaped Tailpiece

Available in Ebony, Rosewood and Boxwood. ..

$11.70 $8.95

Violin Carbon Composite Tailpiece with Fine Tuners

Generic Carbon Fiber Composite Violin Tailpiece with built-in fine tuners for each string. Ideal ..


Glasser Tailpiece - 4/4

Glasser Tailpiece - 4/4 Built in tuners on each string. Ideal for steel string set up and easy fi..


French Model Violin Tailpiece -12%

French Model Violin Tailpiece

Available in Ebony and Rosewood ..

$13.00 $11.50