Violin Mutes

Violin Mutes

A violin mute can help make practicing times more manageable for housemates and neighbors. They can also be used in live performance to offer a more subdued tone and volume from your violin. At Fiddlershop, we offer a range of violin mutes so that you can customize the right balance between projection and playing enjoyment. Choose between the rubber Ultra-Practice Mute for slight sound dampening, rubber-coated Artino Practice Mute for moderate dampening, and Brass Practice Mute for near-silent dampening. The brass mutes are plated in gold or nickel. We also offer Genuine Tourte Violin Mutes in round and violin-shaped styles, which are often used in orchestral settings to mute A & D strings and tone down the brightness and volume. Lastly, the slide-on violin mute allows for quick transition from unmuted to muted with a mild, mellow tone. Order a violin mute today – or several styles for different levels of dampening, and make your violin practicing more enjoyable for everyone around!

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Ultra Practice Mute - Violin

Practice the violin without disturbing others with the help of the Ultra Practice Mute, It is c..


Brass Practice Mute -20%

Brass Practice Mute

Gold or Nickel-plated brass practice mute for violin. This mute will make your instrument alm..

$25.00 $19.99

Genuine Tourte Violin Mute

Genuine Tourte Violin Mute - Violin-Shaped ..