Viola Bridges

Viola Bridges

Your viola bridge plays an important role in the overall performance of your prized instrument. The bridge on a viola floats above the instrument and is only really held down by the strings - and it serves two main purposes. First, it keeps the strings perfectly arced and off the fingerboard. Second, it accurately transmits the vibration of the strings to the soundboard. A properly functioning viola bridge will make your instrument sound rich and clean, while a worn-out or improperly-fitting unit can result in muted tones and undesirable vibrations while playing. To find the perfect viola bridge for your instrument and playing style, contact the stringed instrument experts at Fiddlershop today. We’ll help match you with the ideal bridge for your prized viola, providing expert advice and access to the finest in viola components at unbelievably low prices. Contact us today for more information on viola bridges and other viola accessories!

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Teller Fitted Viola Bridge -21%

Teller Fitted Viola Bridge

Fitted 47mm Quality mapleTeller Bridges are made of naturally dried, fine, selected mapl..

$9.93 $7.89

Superieur Despiau Viola 5-string Bridge

Highest quality Superieur Despiau 5-string bridges made by France for Viola. The Despiau viola br..