Pre-owned Scott Cao 1500 'Il Cannone' Violin 2017 (No. 130)
Pre-owned Scott Cao 1500 'Il Cannone' Violin 2017 (No. 130)
Pre-owned Scott Cao 1500 'Il Cannone' Violin 2017 (No. 130)

Scott Cao

Pre-owned Scott Cao 1500 'Il Cannone' Violin 2017 (No. 130)

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This is a Pre-Owned Scott Cao 1500 "Il Cannone" replica from 2017. The violin was part of a trade-in/trade-up deal, however the violin is still in excellent condition.

The tailpiece has been changed to a composite with four fine-tuners. It also has an ebony Guarneri style chinrest. The pegs are a dark box-wood with ebony trim. We'd be happy to switch the tailpiece and chinrest to match the pegs if desired.

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Scott Cao's workshop in California completes two of the 1500 level violins each month. Some orders may take up to 10 days or more to ship from our shop. Please call for availability.

The Scott Cao 1500 series violins feature an exact copy varnish along with the highest quality Bosnian maple and Italian spruce woods aged 20+ years. The fingerboards are made of Indian ebony and have boxwood fittings. All 1500 series violins are entirely built, varnished, and set up in the Campbell, CA studio.

Size: 4/4
Strings: Evah Pirazzi Gold
Chinrest: Guarneri
Fine Tuners: 4-Fine Tuner Composite Tailpiece
Setup: Scott Cao Luthier

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