Pre-owned Holstein Traditional Panette Viola 16"


Pre-owned Holstein Traditional Panette Viola 16"

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Welcome to Fiddlershop's Deals/Discounts/Antique/Clearance/Pre-Owned & Pre-Loved/ Section! (yes, we're taking suggestions on a better name) Every so often we have some instruments that deserve their own page and video because of their uniqueness. They could be B-Stock, the last of a previous generation of instruments, or instruments people discovered while they were Indiana Jones-ing through their attic. Whatever the story is, we give them a number and play them for you here.

This is No. 135- A Holstein Tradiitional Panette 16" Viola, with Perfection Planetary Geared Pegs and Wittner center mounted chinrest, Zyex Strings.

Sale is for instrument only.

Holstein Traditional Panette Guarneri Viola

  • Extra wide lower bout for bigger tone
  • Real hand applied oil varnish
  • Antiqued wood - dried a minimum of 10 years
  • Real quality Ebony fittings and fingerboard
  • Aubert Mirecourt or Despiau 3-tree French-made bridges
  • Set up with Zyex strings

Every Holstein instrument undergoes our famous 10-point inspection!

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Fiddlershop is a small family-owned business located in South Florida. Since 2012 we have been serving the string community with quality instruments and accessories. We believe that music and instruments should be accessible to everyone at a price they can afford.

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