JonPaul Bravo Carbon Fiber Viola Bow


JonPaul Bravo Carbon Fiber Viola Bow

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For the price, the Bravo is considered one of the most underrated bows in the industry, the Bravo gives consistent performance and elegant sound. As with all bows in the JonPaul line, the Bravo is extremely durable while not sacrificing any sensitivity. The one-piece construction stick is hand colored to a rich red brown with attention to detail that is unusual. Stable and firm are descriptions given to the Bravo, making it a great match for advancing students as well as professionals.

  • Viola Bow Made With Ultra Strong Single-Piece Carbon Fiber Construction
  • Steinway Black Diamond Finish - One Piece High-Grade Round Stick - Silver Alloy Tip
  • Fully Lined Nickel-Silver Mounted Ebony Frog - Pearl Eye - 3-Part Button
  • Nickel-Silver Winding - Leather Grip - High-Grade Hai
  • The JonPaul Bravo Model Carbon Fiber Viola Bow is formulated for the serious player on a budget.

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We at Fiddlershop guarantee JonPaul Bows for life. If there is a defect, we will repair or replace the bow free of charge. It's as simple as that!

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